WNBA Finals - Detroit Practice Quotes, September 10, 2007

Kara Braxton

On the impact she's looking to make in Game Three:
"I'm trying to come out, play our game and do what we have to do. Nothing special. If we execute the things we regularly do on a day to day basis, we'll be fine."

On what they will do differently:
"We're too slow so I guess we have to run some sprints. I guess if we run some sprints we'll be okay and be able to keep up with them."

On the important things to do on the road:
"Our team seems to come together when we're on the road. We play good together, I guess because we're around each other and not around a lot of people at home. So, we seem to come together on the road. We're actually a really good team on the road, so like I said, if we do what we have to do, we'll be fine."

Katie Smith

On making adjustments from Game Two:
"Offensively, just being more patient and finishing shots. I think our offense led a lot there. We're just trying to look at the places that are open and also to attack the zone a little bit and step in, dribble drive - just little things that will help us get into the flow."

On the locker room atmosphere after Game Two:

"Not happy at all, obviously disappointed that we let a good opportunity slip away, especially in front of a great crowd at home but it's not the end of the world. The series is tied 1-1. We got one and they got one. Playing on the road is going to be tough. They're a great team and their fans will to be here rocking but, we just have to go after it. It's another game - you go in and prepare yourself. By no means is this over."

On controlling the tempo:
"I think what we have over them is our bigs and as I said, more patience on offense and a sense of allowing everyone to get down and then attacking it, and definitely trying to find the holes and the gaps whether they're inside or outside, but a little more of that fine line of attack and patience. You don't want to just sit back and be patient and say I'll just pass it, but you want to attack. So I can say, the tempo of Game 1 and Game 2 was very different on our end, pushing the ball, so obviously, offensively, just pushing the ball, convert and get the best look we can."

On looking for her shot more:
"I did stop shooting a little bit and obviously I didn't play a lot in the second half, but yes, that and just go out and play basketball, take shots when you have them, penetrate, shoot or pass if you have it, just go out there and play basketball. That's all we've done for the most."

Deanna Nolan

On winning on the road:
"It's something that we can do. We just have to come together as a team, be focused and come with the agenda that we can win two on the road."

On beating Phoenix:
"We just have to play out game. We have to be patient, especially with the zone that they're playing. We just need to find our bigs. With looking at film, we see the seams and the zones. In Game Two we were rushing. We just need to take our time like we were in the first game."

On getting back to the level of play from Game One:
: "We can get back there. Game Two didn't show it at all. We just need to be patient and follow our game plan."

On changes from Game Two:
"Well, again it's patience. There really are no more changes. We just have to make shots. They're really not running as often as they'd like to do in transition. They're just making threes. That's how they're beating us, by making three-pointers."

On containing Diana Taurasi:
"We just have to get in her face real early and make it hard for her. At the beginning of the game we have to be closer to where she is or maybe trying to defend her a different way. Maybe put a different person on her to give her different looks."

On Detroit's struggles on the road in the Playoffs:
"Is there a reason? No, everything has been solely on us. Thinking since we're defending champions that not going in thinking that this is a good basketball team and just going in and trying to win basketball games, but we know we can fix it."

Plenette Pierson

On what the veterans bring to the Finals:
"A lot of poise, we understand the situation, we understand what we need to do, and that's it - we bring poise and experience.

On surprises in Game Two:
"They're a team that loves to shoot three-balls, and we let them shoot three-balls. We gave them exactly what they wanted, they got hot and they got confidant, and its hard to stop that. We know that we can't give them a little bit of air or a little room to breathe, we have to really be out there on the line and force them to do other things."

On adjustments for Game Three:
: "It all comes down to mental focus. I think we lacked that the second game, we didn't come out and execute our game plan and now we have to come out and do that ten times better than we did in Game Two."

Swin Cash

On Game Two:
"We were just…what did my mom always say? A day late and a dollar short."

On the series:
"We have to lock in and understand this is the finals. We have to lock in and focus and mentally just understand whatever it is that we have to get done and we have to do that. And, you don't hang your head when teams make runs, and I thought we hung our heads a little bit. And, you cannot do that. I am a competitor and if I see someone hanging their head I'm going after them even harder. And, that's what Phoenix did, they smelled that we were hanging out heads a little bit and it just made them go a little harder. We have to compete for 40 minutes, and we have to focus in and they're not going to give us anything, you have to go take what you want, and that's the one thing that I learned from championship experience - you have to go take championships, they don't just happen to you."

On the Shock's Finals experience:
"I think that any time you go through a series and you have the ups and downs that we had last year, you fall back on that experience, we have veteran players that want to get it done so I don't expect anything less than competitiveness from us."

On surprises in Game Two:
"It surprised me that we didn't come out with the aggression and the mind set to dominate them. That is surprising because we were at home. But now we're on the road, we're a tighter unit, we're in the hotel, everyone is kind of just regrouping and I think we'll be fine."

Bill Laimbeer, Head Coach

What do you expect to see in Game Three?:
"They are going to play their game. They are not going to change a whole lot. We need to play with more energy, effort, desire, heart - pick any of the above clichés. We know that. Our team was pretty disappointed in watching our performance on video, so I think we will have a better effort on Tuesday."

On changed that Detroit will make for Game Three:
"We'll tweak some things on offense. There will be some minor adjustments here and there. Defensively, I don't have any idea. That's not my department. That's Cheryl's and Rick's."

On Cheryl Ford's status for Game Three:
"It is a game-time decision, as it always is. She will not practice today. It is just a matter of how she feels tomorrow."

On similarities between Diana Taurasi and Katie Smith:
"Offensively, they were at about the same numbers scoring-wise. But, I think Katie is a much better defender in a one-on-one situation."

On Detroit's struggles in Game Two:
: "I expect a better performance from our entire team. Each game will be different on who gets the load of the scoring depending on the advantages that we take of the defense. In Game One, we were pounding the ball inside consistently, so guards won't get that many points. In Game Two, we just didn't show, so I don't really have a handle on what would have worked and what wouldn't have worked because our effort just wasn't there. In Game Three, we will take advantage of what they give us."

On momentum heading into Game Three:
"Momentum is a funny thing sometimes. The littlest things can change it. In the course of a game, a missed shot or a bad call can change it. In the course of a series, a newspaper article or a team-bonding experience can change things one way or the other, so I don't hold too much experience in it."

On Detroit's performance in road games in the playoffs:
"This year, we (stink). In the New York game, we got killed and we weren't ready to play. It happens to us sometimes. In Indiana, we were frustrated by the referees. But traditionally, when it comes to when we need to play well on the road, we come together as a ball club and put on a good show."