Mercury Game 1 Postgame Quotes

Paul Westhead, Phoenix Mercury

Did you adjust in the double post?:
PAUL WESTHEAD: It was a weird game. We were a little sluggish getting out on the start. And we got that settled down and a very quiet second quarter. And we got that straightened out. Then the last part of the -- well almost the whole fourth quarter they were getting up inside us, and we tried different things to kind of stop that inside penetration to their bigs and we were unsuccessful in that area. We stayed, we hung in, we, our offense tried to generate enough points to win, but they were too strong inside.

Did the sitting because of the foul trouble with Diana Taurasi, did that affect you?:
PAUL WESTHEAD: I never like to think that fouls affect us too much. We play pretty straight up. I probably even kept her out of the game longer than I would have liked, although Kell and Belinda Snell came in and played pretty good for us. So I can steal a few extra minutes of D being on the bench. But I don't think our foul trouble on an individual person was really impacted the game that much.

The fact that you sent Olympia Scott in was that one moment that indicated what was going through your mind? :
PAUL WESTHEAD: Well, I was just looking for something, some person to kind of just turn around our inside penetration. So I just thought maybe Olympia might be, with her experience, maybe step up in the lane and cut things off for us.

It's been awhile since you dealt with a loss. Did you have to remind the players of that? How did that, how to try and respond?:
PAUL WESTHEAD: Well the locker room atmosphere was a little bit different. Yeah, they were kind of down. Which, it's been awhile. Fortunately, it's a five game series. So.

Were you surprised how much success Detroit did have inside without Ford?:
PAUL WESTHEAD: Surprised? I wouldn't say surprised, I was unhappy. (Laughter.) Surprised isn't right. But they did a very good job. And we didn't respond well enough. So I think more credit goes to them than to perhaps our breakdown. They did a nice job

Penny Taylor, Phoenix Mercury

PENNY TAYLOR opening statement: Well, it was what I expected. It was physical. We got out and we ran to start with. Probably the down fall for us they got a lot of shots on the inside easy. Got the ball down lower we were trying not to let them get. They're good down there. They're big. Bigger than us. And it's something we have to focus on. We know how to do it, we have done it in the past and we just have to focus a little more for the next game.

Were you surprised at how much success they did have inside without Sheryl Ford?:
PENNY TAYLOR: No, no, no. They have great post players. They have people that get on boards. Big bodies down low and that's what they do. That's how they win games.

Did you ever run into a double post like that before? That you ran into in the second quarter? :
PENNY TAYLOR: In what sense?

When the two, Braxton and --:
PENNY TAYLOR: Yeah, I guess there's not many teams with the amount of big players, but you can only deal with one at a time and that's what we needed to do.

Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Mercury

On the frustration of losing Game 1::
DIANA TAURASI: “Yeah we were pretty frustrated out there, but it’s a five game series, so we’ll be ready come Saturday.”

On the team’s play::
DIANA TAURASI: “We played pretty well for stretches at a time. I think we did a lot of good things, but at the same time we have a lot of things to fix for the next game. We’ll be ready to go – this game isn’t going to kill us.”

On getting into foul trouble::
DIANA TAURASI: “Yeah it (isn’t) easy to play when you have six fouls on the bench.”

On Plenette Pierson’s play::
DIANA TAURASI: “Yeah that’s why she was sixth man of the year – she played great off the bench, gave them energy and was making plays. All in all, I think as far as we played, in the last two minutes we had a chance, so we’ll be ready to go.”

On adjusting to Detroit’s double post::
DIANA TAURASI: “Yeah, but you know we see the double post a million times during the year, so this is nothing new. We were starting to get it a little bit, but I mean, that’s why they’re in the Finals – they’ll make adjustments, we’ll make adjustments, they’ll counter and we’ll counter.”

Cappie Pondexter, Phoenix Mercury

Thoughts on Game 1::
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: “The stakes are higher, people are going harder, so it was a good start – obviously you want to win every game but we’ll go back and look the things we did well and the things we need to adjust for the next game.”

On the two team’s contrasting styles of play::
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: “Yeah, contrasting styles, but it doesn’t make a difference. The game is definitely winnable. We made a lot of mistakes in the first half that we can definitely come back and readjust. We’ve got two days to fix some things up and go back.”

On settling for jumpers too much in the second quarter::
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: “I think so, but that’s what we do, we’re a shooting team. But at the same time, we’ve got to attack a bit more and kind of put them on their heels. I think they shot 42 free throws for the game and we shot 18, so it shows they were the more aggressive team.”

On the incident during the fourth quarter::
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: “I don’t know, it’s over with, it’s done, so no need to talk about it.”

On the adjustments made in the second half::
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: “I think we made them speed the game up – we played our game, kept going, we kept pushing the ball and we didn’t look to set things up. We looked to play an up-tempo style. It was a mindset – I wanted to come out and be more assertive on the offensive end and I could attack more.”