Houston Comets guard and WNBA legend Dawn Staley took time out from preparing for the playoffs to answer some of your questions. Staley and the third seeded Comets will take on the defending champion Sacramento Monarchs in the first round.

How would winning a WNBA Championship affect your outstanding career? Why?
- Justina, Hamden, CT

Dawn Staley: Hi Justina, Winning a WNBA Championship would just be icing on the cake for me. I have had an amazing career. So, if I didnít win a championship I donít feel as if there would be a scar on my career. But I would love to win another one for the city of Houston.
Dawn Staley and the Comets finished the regular season with an 18-16 record.
Steve Yeater/NBAE/Getty Images

Being a coach, do you change how you approach the game on and off the court especially since it is playoff time?
- D, Kelowna, BC

Dawn Staley: No, I donít change my approach or my routine. I think itís important not to get too high with the highs or too low with the lows. I try to always maintain and stay consistent.

What are you going to do after you are done with the WNBA? I hope yall go all the way I am cheering for you. I wish I could come to a playoff game and meet you. Please if you can e-mail me back,I would love to hear from you. It will be like a dream come true.
- Mira Bee

Dawn Staley: Hi Mira, After the WNBA I will continue to coach at Temple University and I will also coach USA Basketball. I to hope we go all the way! Thanks for your support and keep cheering for us!

I was able to catch your last game in Charlotte and even got your autograph, even though it was after the game. I was scared to ask you for it, but you were cool. You are having a great season, has playing one more season crossed your mind? If not, good luck in the playoffs hope Houston wins it all.
- Andrea, Pinewood, SC

Dawn Staley: Hi Andrea, You shouldnít be afraid to approach me or any other WNBA player. For the most part, weíre all pretty approachable. I donít have any desire to play after this season. I am happy to say Iím done. I think my contributions to the game will now come from the sidelines.

What inspired you to start coaching female college basketball?
- Shanikia, Marion, IN

Dawn Staley: Hi Shanikia, I actually never wanted to coach. The Athletic Director at Temple University saw something in me and challenged me to turn the program around. At the time, I was more intrigued with the challenge than the actual job. Now, I absolutely love coaching.

Hey Dawn! I can't believe this is your last year in the WNBA. I wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done with this game. You are a great role model to have and I hope I can come to a Temple game sometime! My question is what is the one moment in your entire WNBA career that you will never forget? Thanks Dawn!
- Megan, NH

Dawn Staley: Hi Megan, I actually will never forget this past weekend. The Comets threw me a post-game retirement celebration that will always be one of my all-time favorite WNBA moments. It was very thoughtful and had very little to do with the actual game. It was about friendship and my basketball family, which is what I will miss most about playing.

Hey Dawn, what made you realize that you wanted to retire from the wnba? CONGRATULATIONS. GO COMETS!!!!
- Joi, Detroit, MI

Dawn Staley: Hi Joi, I think every athlete gets the itch to stop playing eventually. I started feeling the itch in 2005 when it became a chore for me to work out and to stay in shape. I had to push myself everyday, when I never had to before. And, I started thinking more and more about having a family and all the sacrifices I had to make to play. Iím 36 and I have given the game everything I have. Family is now my priority.

Girl everybody is going to miss you a lot, what are you going do to finish off your career? Do you plan on becoming a coach of a WNBA team in the future?
- Renee, Detroit, MI

Dawn Staley: Hey Renee, I never say never. Truthfully, I have no idea what my future holds. I do know I love Temple and would love to stay there for a long time.

Dawn, I have loved watching you play this year and part of last year for the Comets, you have really been an asset. Question - Is Van going to let the team run and play fast paced ball or will he slow it up for the playoffs. I understand Canty and Dixon are hurt but you are the trigger.
- Rich, Houston, TX

Dawn Staley: Hi Rich, Iím not really sure what coach is going to do. I think it depends on the series. But, you can rest assured, whatever you see me do, comes directly from him.