Ruth Riley, Detroit Shock

Q: How do you handle it when you have a game like last night?
Riley: You are disappointed and then you realize itís a five game series and you focus on the next game. We can play a lot better than we did and today we came in here and worked on some things.

Q: What is it going to take for the starting five to come out and have better games?
Riley: I know I can play a lot better, especially defensively. They took a lot of things away from us on our offensive end. This is the Finals and itís not really the pressure of you have to win this game, but when we play together and we are all on the same page we are tough to beat.

Q: Is this where the inconsistent play your team has had all season work for you and you will be able to turn things around?
Riley: We know what we are capable of, we just have to focus and bring that energy for Game 2.