Coach John Whisenant, Sacramento Monarchs

Q:What did you have the team work on today?
Whisenant: We just had them work on their normal game preparation and various different offensive things we think they will defend against. We just tried to work on defending the things they are most likely to run against our defense.

Q: With two blowout wins, how do you prevent overconfidence?
Whisenant: They are the Eastern Conference champions, they have numerous all-stars and Olympic players and a coaching staff that has been there and done that before so we know that that's the way the game is and sometimes things go well for you. We remember the fourth quarter in Game 2 when they beat us 25-9 and we remember the game in Detroit during the regular season. It's us against them and we have to do our stuff better than they do their stuff tomorrow otherwise we have to go back to Detroit.

Q: How good would it be to close it out at home?
Whisenant: It would save a lot of grey hair and a lot of sleeplessness. It would be great for our fans. We have really good fans here in Sacramento and it would just be great for them to have a chance to celebrate with us.

Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento Monarchs

Q: What are you expecting out of Detroit tomorrow?
Penicheiro: An aggressive team knowing that their backs are against the wall and they will have to come out and win the game tomorrow otherwise their season is over. We expect a very aggressive team from the jump. We just have to match the intensity and make sure we don't go back to Detroit and we finish it up here.

Q: How good would it be to win in front of the home fans?
Penicheiro: Great. We had that experience last year and it's unbelievable. These fans definitely deserve another championship and they definitely deserve for us to win it at home. It would be a dream come true. We know how much better it is to win a championship at home. We are aware of that and we are aware that we don't want to go back to Detroit and play Game 5 on their home court. We are very focused even though we are up 2-1. We know we haven't finished our mission. So 40 more minutes and hopefully tomorrow we can get it done.

Q: What did you work on today in practice?
Penicheiro: We are just going to continue to do what brought us here and that's good defense and that's being alert and determined and playing good team basketball both defensively and offensively. That's what we do and that's what we have been doing all year and that's why we are here and that's what we are going to continue to do.

DeMya Walker, Sacramento Monarchs

Q: What did you work on today in practice?
Walker: Same thing everyday, defense, offense, fast break.

Q: After having two blowout wins how, do you prevent against over confidence?
Walker: Remembering game two because we didn't win.

Q: How good would it be to win in front of your home fans?
Walker: It would be awesome to win in front of our home fans. They deserve it. Everybody that supports our organization deserves it.