Coach John Whisenant, Sacramento Monarchs

Q: Are you, Kristin [Haynie] and the rest of the team going to try and get half of Lansing here to fill the upper bowl?
Whisenant: We haven't done that. I'm sure the Haynie-ac's will be out, they all like Kristin, everyone likes Kristin that knows her. She's a likeable young lady. Michigan air does her well. In her previous two games she had two of her better games.

Q: What is the confidence level since your Game 4 loss?
Whisenant: We are here to have a good practice. We have lost before and we have recovered before and that's what we have to do.

Q: What happened with your flight into Detroit?
Whisenant: After sitting on the runway for two hours for them to work on some undefined problem on the aircraft, they unloaded us around 11am and told us we they would have to try and find another flight for us. All of their flights were full, they then located a flight on Delta that would have gotten us here at midnight and that looked like our only option. The US air lady, who was a fan, stopped us and said they had a flight through Phoenix that would get us here at 10:30. We got on that flight at 1:30 and it was late. It was suppose to leave at 12:45 and we almost missed the connection in Phoenix. We got here last night at 10:30. We need a good nights sleep, but that's life in the WNBA.

Kara Lawson, Sacramento Monarchs

Q: Talk about coming back from Game 5 and the frustration from losing your chance to win a championship on your home court.
Lawson: I don't think you let it go. It's a series, you win some games in a series, you lose some. It's all about how you respond in a series. Both teams have shown the ability to respond in a series because we have gone every other game. I'm hoping that trend continues.

Q: Can you talk about why you lost Game 4 by such a large margin.
Lawson: We just didn't play in Game 4. They should have beat us by 40. We weren't defending them at all, we weren't forcing turnovers, they were killing us in the paint. It's right there on the tape. When you watch you see we should have lost by a lot more than that.

Kristin Haynie, Sacramento Monarchs

Q: Talk about the inconsistency both teams have shown throughout the series.
Haynie: I mean we are two really good teams. We made it this far. We are physical and we both play great defense. Tomorrow night I don't think it's going to be a blowout. I think it's going to be a fun game to watch and it should be. It's Game 5 and we just have to leave it all out there on the floor.

Q: Is it more of a mental thing at this point?
Haynie: Yes, I think it is. We played each other twice during the season and it's Game 5. We know what each other's tendencies are and we know each other's offense and defense. I think it's just everybody going out and just playing how we are capable of playing.