John Whisenant, Sacramento Monarchs

Q: Will it be as easy as Game 1 to get another win in Game 2?
Whisenant: We played well and got them out of synch early and were able to prevail and keep it that way. Can we make that happen again, thatís a whole new game. It really means nothing, itís not relevant. You would think they know itís a whole new ball game and they will come with their guns loaded.

Q: Does your team have the mental strength you need?
Whisenant: Itís still going to come down to can we do our stuff better than they can do their stuff. Obviously, the fist game we won, but Bill [Laimbeer] tells me every game that they are going to win and sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. How Friday night will be, Iím hoping we will come back and repeat our intensity. We will expect they will meet it with a great deal of determination.

Q: Can you talk about the playoff series and how your team was on for five games straight.
Whisenant: The first game against LA we struggled. But, we have told our players that our system is built around winning when you don't shoot well. When you shoot well it makes coaching easy. When we are playing well on our defensive end and make a lot of shots it makes it a lot easier and we have had some wins. We donít want to get overconfident.

Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento Monarchs

Q: Will you be able to repeat?
Penicheiro: It is hard to repeat. Itís hard to win one, but to repeat is really hard. I think it really took us a while to realize how hard it is to defend your title. Everybody comes hard at you every game and I donít think we were ready mentally and physically. We woke up at the right time and we are clicking right now. Iíll take an okay regular season overa great playoffs.

Q: How much of this is mental?
Penicheiro: That is something that we always talk about. We have been fortunate enough to play well, but when things start going bad it is most important that the team stay together. You have to play well together and not start pointing fingers. When you are not making baskets and you are not playing good defense thatís when we start talking about coming together. When we are playing to win a championship you have to stick together and I think thatís the most important thing about our team. We really stick together during bad times and good times.