Lisa Leslie and the Los Angeles Sparks will face the Sacramento Monarchs in the Western Conference Finals. Before she and the Sparks took on the Monarchs, Lisa answered some of your questions.

Lisa congratulations on a great season and in my opinion the WNBA MVP. With the loss of Niki Teasley and Tamika Dixon were you a little concerned about the team chemistry coming in to this new season? What has been your biggest achievment throughout your whole WNBA career? Good luck in the playoffs. SPARKS 06 CHAMPS!!
- Brent, Bel Air, CA

Lisa Leslie:
I think team chemistry is a concern every year because we are apart for eight months and you come back together and have to build chemistry quickly. I thought our team jelled fast on the court because we did so quickly off the court. Winning two championships is my biggest achievement.

Lisa Leslie is a two-time WNBA MVP.
Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images
Lisa I want to know how you get your self prepared before a game. And how would you adjust to different players that you play against?
- Greenbean, Bell City, MO

Lisa Leslie: It really depends on the size of the player and who is guarding me. Normally everybody weighs more than me. But a lot of it depends on their speed: whether I’m going to a power game with my back to the basket or if I’m going to play a face up game and go around them. So each opponent is different.

First, I would like to say the Sparks are my all-time favorite team and you are my all-time favorite player. How does this year's playoff team compare to last year's playoff team? GO SPARKS!!!
- Naya, TX

Lisa Leslie: We are so much better than last year. We have a lot more fight and fire and our ability to play defense is probably the biggest difference.

When did you first realize you could dunk?
- Shanikia, Indianapolis, IN

Lisa Leslie: I realized I could dunk in 9th grade when I was on the track team. We were practicing the high jump but it started raining so we had to go inside the gym. I was practicing my approach to the rim and then I dunked a tennis ball and everybody was like, “whoa.” So then I dunked a volleyball and then a basketball!

Lisa, you've been my favorite basketball player for years!! How do you remain so consistent on the court?
- Edrick, Jackson, MS

Lisa Leslie: I try to watch videotape of myself and be critical of things I need to improve on.

With almost an entirely different roster from the 2001 and 2002 championship teams, how does this team compare, or contrast, from those two dynamic teams?
- Edrick, Jackson, MS

Lisa Leslie: I’d have to say this team is right up there with our ability to play defense and work hard to be completely unselfish. I think that’s why we are winning.

How do you like playing with Tameka Johnson? She has always been such a tenacious player; she was a classic fixture at LSU. When they made that trade, I told everyone in Baton Rouge that she would win a championship this year. Teasley had a whale of a year too, but to me it seems like she needed a change, and the Sparks needed some youth. What do you think?
- Bryan, Baton Rouge, LA

Lisa Leslie I love playing with Temeka Johnson. She’s so fast and a great floor leader. She picks up the ball really well. I think everything with Nikki worked out for the best. I think she’s more comfortable out in Washington because she’s closer to home and can get some good home cooking from her mom.

My daughter and Hi! Congrats on a great year! What did you do differently in the off-season that helped you have such a great season?
- Shaina, San Antonio, TX

Betty Lennox: I went to Russia and played basketball and came back in shape!