You had the chance to vote on a number of great plays and moments in the WNBA Greatest Moments presented by as the candidates were whittled down to a select few. But we also asked some of the best players in the game to share their favorites among the greatest moments in WNBA history since they embody the history we celebrate.

Sue Bird, Seattle Storm
"There are so many. When you think of moments you think of Theresa Weatherspoon's half court shot, you think of Lisa Leslie's dunk, and all the teams that have won championships, particularly Houston who won the first four. Cynthia Cooper raising the roof, all these different things. Whether I was in high school watching the games or in the league, there are so many moments that come to mind."

Deanna Nolan, Detroit Shock
"Some of the greatest moments are of course the year the league started. Houston's four championships in a row is going to be pretty tough to beat for any team this day and age right now with the talent we have in this league."

Becky Hammon, New York Liberty
"Spoon's three-quarter court shot in the Finals is the one for me. Right when she let it go I was like 'oh man, that might go in.' But look at some of the other great memories we have as a league.Houston and what they did winning all those championships. L.A. going back-to-back. Detroit going from worst to first. So there have been lots of fairy tale stories that had developed in the WNBA over time and there's been some spectacular games. Obviously some Eastern Conference championship games stand out to me. The first All-Star game in Madison Square Garden back in '99 was tremendous with Whitney Houston singing the national anthem and stuff."

Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Connecticut Sun
"Teresa Weatherspoon's shot was amazing. That's a time stamp on the WNBA. Anyone who watched it could go back and say 'I was there.'"

Rebekkah Brunson, Sacramento Monarchs
"Personally I think some of the moments that stand out for me are of course Lisa Leslie's dunk, it was great, I was younger then watching that and had some hoop dreams. There have been a lot of things that have been great. Houston's run, L.A.'s runs, but I always think the greatest moment for me would be seeing Yo get a championship because I know she worked real hard for it. She really wanted to retire but didn't, she stuck with the Monarchs and it paid off for her."

Alana Beard, Washington Mystics
"The Teresa Weatherspoon shot, that's the one game that just stands out to me, that entire series Houston and New York that's what it is. And if you don't remember that moment, you're not a WNBA fan. I think that series really defined what the league was becoming. Our future is so bright."

Wendy Palmer, Seattle Storm
"There have been some amazing games throughout the league. You have the combination of the Houston Comets and then the reign of the Sparks, and you have a team that was last in the league one year and then go to first. One of the best finals was the Connecticut-Seattle finals which was just amazing basketball. I was with Connecticut at the time, so I was on the losing end. But just to see the domination of the Connecticut Sun in the East shows that women's basketball is growing. There's a lot of memories. The first second that ticked off the clock, after we made our CBA, there are so many things. I can't pin point which one."

Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks
"When I dunked, that was pretty good. (laughs) Teresa Weatherspoon's half-court shot was pretty good."

Ruthie Bolton, Sacramento Monarchs legend
"It was when Teresa Weatherspoon hit that shot. It was like man, that happens in the NBA not the WNBA. Also when the Monarchs won the championship was huge. I wish I could have been a part of it on the court, but I'm still part of the organization and the fans really deserved it. And another great moment was when they retired my jersey."

Kayte Christensen, Phoenix Mercury
"There are so many, I couldn't really even pick one. There's so many."

Yolanda Griffith, Sacramento Monarchs
"Kind of so much has happened; you can't point one specific thing. But I think my first year in '99, the way the team was and the way the league was, winning all the awards, I think also last year, from '99 to 2005 winning the championship, winning it and it took so long to win it, and we had so many great teams, and we had to bring in so many different players to get the right team, the team that I had last year was the best team overall in Sacramento, we had a bunch of young kids who were humble and just wanted to play hard, I don't even remember if I got a chance to hold the trophy up, I just remember all the confetti falling down, and my sister and my daughter embracing each other and telling me it's finally happened, just that moment and winning a championship."

Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento Monarchs
"Well to me individually of course winning the title last year, but you look at Houston's dynasty the first four years in the league, and I feel like the competitiveness of it, you have rookies coming in and being All-Stars and leading the league in scoring, so you just look back at the growth of this league, I know coming in, in 1998 there were a lot of teams with bad records, and the basketball was not as polished as it is today, so to me it's great to look back and see the progress that we have made as basketball players and to the league as a whole."

Katie Smith, Detroit Shock
"Some of the moments I would say were the dunks, just the competition, definitely the Comets and their run, T-Spoon's shot, there's just a lot of individual moments that you can look back at."

Tangela Smith, Charlotte Sting
"I think one of them was when Lisa Leslie dunked, that was big moment for the WNBA as she was the first woman to dunk and it was really exciting. And just seeing the league grow and grow every year has been exciting for me, it's my ninth year, and I just love that it's kept going."

Michelle Snow, Houston Comets
"I'm just glad this league is here, with the tenth anniversary it stands out as one of the league's biggest moments, that we're still here and we're getting younger, more athletic, faster, the game is becoming a lot more fun, so I think the possibilities, the potential and all of that for me is the biggest moment."

Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Mercury
"The play I really remember the most, was in the very first game, Lisa Leslie blocked a shot and threw it into like the eighth row."

Tina Thompson, Houston Comets
"I think there has been several, the league is in its tenth year so that's definitely a big moment, it's a milestone and signifies longevity for an extent, especially since there were so many questions in the beginning about whether we were going to succeed, but for me I would probably say the four championships were big, I would probably say our third because we dedicated that to our late teammate Kim Perrot, and that was a struggle and things were really tough, we were defending two titles and it wasn't easy and we were going through a lot of highs and lows, so for me I think that was probably our greatest challenge and greatest triumph."

Tamika Whitmore, Indiana Fever
"Probably the most profound moment, I actually had a chance to be a part of it was Teresa Weatherspoon's three quarter shot that took us into the third game. Just when she released it and watching it go through the air you just knew it was heading in, and that's all you could say it was good it was good, and just to be a part of that was a great feeling."

*All photos courtesy NBAE/Getty Images