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I am looking forward to the matchup between the Sparks and the Storm. That should be exciting. The teams to beat are definitely the Sparks and the Sun. Although I am a die-hard Sparks fan, I can't deny that the Sun are looking really sharp. With fingers crossed, I see the Sparks taking it all!
- Chris, Palm Bay, FL

SUN vs. SPARKS in the Finals and the Sun will take it all! This year is their year. KATIE DOUGLAS FOR MVP!! GO SUN!!!!!.
- KTFAN32, Hartford, CT

This should be an entertaining playoffs. I pick CT to win the east after a hard fought round with Detroit. In the west, I think too many "experts" are picking the record over the play. Houston will beat Sacramento because Tina Thompson is back with a vengeance. In the LA/Seattle series, Lauren Jackson is the one person in this league that can handle Lisa Leslie one-on-one. Leslie can't say that about stopping Jackson, she needs help. In the two match-ups between these two (Jackson sat the third), Leslie was scoreless and looked lost when Jackson was guarding her. I think Seattle will surprise everyone and beat the Sparks. I pick CT to win it all, beating Houston in the finals. They have too much talent to lose three in a row.
- Kelli, Seattle, WA

Most people think Connecticut will make it to the finals and even win. But Detroit is everyone's favorite to prevail from their matchup against the Fever, and teh Shock have beaten the Sun twice on their home court! My pick is Detorit to lose in the finals to LA..
- Jackie, Indian Shores, FL

I find it interesting to read these postings and see that most are picking 'their' team. Well, 'my' team is out of the running, barely, so I'm picking based on what I've seen this year at Mercury games and on TV. Yes, the Sparks will grab the West title and the Sun is big in the East. Although Leslie is having a great season, I think the Sun is so hungry for a title and they will find a way to contain the rest of the LA team. Without a supporting cast, any star will have trouble bringing in a win.
- Deb, Mesa, AZ

The teams to beat right now in the WNBA are the LA Sparks and the Connecticut Sun!!! I feel these two teams WILL play in the Finals with the Los Angeles Sparks taking home the WNBA title! Lisa Leslie who WILL win the MVP award for this season, will step up her game another notch and bring her leadership skills to the court for the best team in the West to win their third title! GO LISA anddddd Let's GO SPARKS!!!!
- Kristian, Hawthorne, CA

Hands down the Sacramento Monarchs will win the title for the second year in a row! Quote it! Print it! Put it in all the newspapers!!!
- Michael, Akron, OH

Barring injury...and unforseen difficulties, The Sun look to be the team to beat despite their 2 losses at home to the Shock.
- Dan, Groton, CT

Any team that sends five players to the all-star game has to be the team to beat. Strong and well-balanced, with four players whose scoring averages are in double figures and (I think!) the second-highest APG in WNBA history (18.8 to the 19.2 for the '97 Rockers), currently on a 12-game winning streak, the Connecticut Sun *will* be 2006 WNBA champions!
- Bill, Shelburne Falls, MA

As devoted WNBA fans, my husband & I look forward to the playoffs. We root for the Suns but watch any and all games that are televised. We fervently hope that more of the WNBA games are televised on national channels next season. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
- Candy, Sandy Hook, CT

No doubt. Very simple. LA Sparks. Lisa can't be stopped and having Chamique along side with her. " DEADLY ". LA Sparks 2005-2006 Champs.
- Pistol, St. Paul, MN

Being a diehard Spark's fan since 2000. My choice is the Los Angeles Sparks, this team is determined to win back the title that was once theirs in 2001 and 2002. Go Sparks and bring that title back to Los Angeles the city of the almighty champions.
- Carolyn, Sacramento, CA

I think Connecticut is the team to beat in the playoffs...they have talent, balance, experience, teamwork, and determination...I think Lisa Leslie deserves the MVP award...Tamika Catchings the DPY award...and Erin Buesher for Most Improved...An Eastern Conference final between rivals Connecticut and Detroit seems likely, but i think Connecticut will prevail...and in the Western Conference, I think that LA and Seattle will come out, with Seattle advancing...meeting CT in the finals...and Connecticut will win...and the third time will be a charm.
- Tizzle, Fairfield, CT

Conneticut defeats Los Angeles. Sacramento and Los Angeles lack consistent scoring from the guard position. Connecticut has a balanced offense and defense. Has consistency from 6-8 positions. Leslie MVP, Douglas or Catchings defensive player of the year.
- Joseph, Nashville, TN

If the Sparks will start playing like they did at the beggining then they will be my guess to win but the Sun are looking pretty good so you never know but we will see.
- Jake Gootch, Blairsville, GA

This year I think the potential matchups will be the best ever this year, in both conferences. I see the East coming down to a fired up and loaded Sun squad against a tough Fever team. The West should come down to the balanced and hungry Sparks versus the defending champion Monarchs with both series going to the limit. Overall I think the Sun and Sparks should set up for a spectacular finals matchup, possibly "best series ever". Being from L.A. it's hard to pick against Lisa and the Sparks, but I really think that Connecticut is extremely focused and determined right now. Connecticut's playing their best ball of the season while L.A. has faltered slightly on the road. Connecticut's depth will give the Sparks some problems, but if L.A.'s defense shows up for 40 minutes every game, they'll be tough to beat as well. But the playoffs should be awesome this year and I cannot wait for it to get started!!
- Chris, Los Angeles, OH

What am I most looking forward to this postseason? Action-packed, heart stopping, court pounding, out of your seat playoff basketball! I love the excitement of close games---blowouts are boring! I'm a Fever Fan, and if they go all the way, the league MVP belongs to Catch.
- Debra, Canal Winchester, OH

It will come down to Conn. Sun and LA Sparks. They both have too many weapons to lose in their own divisions. This is the year of the Sun to win it all.
- Dane, Pequot Lakes, MN

Connecticut Sun will win it all this year!!!!!
- Sonja, Piscatway, NJ

Hard to bet against Connecticut. LA also has a great chance, but I am pulling for the Fever! And, last but not least, I can't underestimate the champs. They can beat anyone when they are clicking.
- Sissy, New Brunswick, NJ

I'm looking forward to all the good teams playing agenst each other. Conn. and the Sparks are the teams to beat. I think Taurasi is likely to get MVP. They are all good teams.
- Sam, Bisbee, ND

I'll tell you who's gonna win. PHOENIX!!!! I love this team to death.I mean that! I even have Diana and Cappie names tattooed on my arms! We gonna win a championship! Good luck Phoenix I want a championship out of you and i know you do 2. Hey give me a shoutout when you win. Please!
- Christina, Portsmouth, VA

With how the season is going, I think that the L.A. Sparks will the win the WNBA Championship. Lisa Leslie is on the top of her game in the 10th year of the league and she seems unstoppable, and we all know how she plays during playoff time. Also, with the supporting cast of Olympic gold medalist Holdsclaw and last year Rookie of the Year Johnson, gives the team energy and balance.
- Edrick, Jackson, MS

I think the the playoffs this year are widely open for anyone to win it all. I think the best first round series will be Indiana and Detroit. I think the shock will pull through to meet the Sun in the Conf. Finals where the Sun's experience,size,and shooting will overcome the Shock. But in the West it is a lot harder to say which team will win. I think the Comets will take the final spot to face the sparks and in that series there are a lot of factors that can make or break a win for both teams. if Leslie gets hot and goes to the basketball more to get to the line i think the Sparks will go to the conf. finals, unless the Comets get a healthy Thompson back and Swoopes gets hot from the outside which will open up things for Michelle Snow and create shots for Dawn Staley, and I think that will happen so count the Comets in on the conf. finals. On the other side the Storm and the Monarchs are very simaliar in that they both have dominate post players and they both have good point guards. I think the difference will be the players like Betty Lennox and Nicole Powell. I think the key in that match up is not to let either team to make runs for very long, they should slow the ball down and get it inside. In the end I think that Sacramento will be the winner, only to fall to the Comets. Then i think the Sun will win the WNBA crown they will simply over power and defend the Comets to win it all. The Sun have ben waiting for their time and now that they have hit there stride i think it will carry-on through-out the playoffs.
- Cale, Mansfield, PA

I believe as this season is coming to a close we see Connecticut on a 11 game streak to claim first place and home court advantage. But, I have always been told when you have to much success there's nothing to look forward to but a DOWN FALL. The Sparks will claim the covenant trophy with a hard fought battle to the end..again,WNBA has similar situations as the NBA with a dominant westcoast and an average contender in the east. Look for Leslie to up the game with a 1-2 punch in Cha-meka that she will finally get a taste of being #1 AGAIN!!!
- Reese, Inglewood, CA

I think it will be the Connecticut Sun because of their line-up and experience. Lindsay Whalen & taj together with Katie & Ashja with Ms. Sales I think the Sun will win it all this year.
- Michael, Akron, OH

The Sun should win it all this year! Katie Douglas is having an All Star year! Sales is back, even though they really didn't lose a step while she was gone. Taj is back in MVP form. Whalen is healthy and super sub Jones is ready to go! So the Sun all the way! Katie Douglas deserves a USA basketball roster spot too btw!
- Cocoy, Quezon, Phillipines

It's several years after we expected to win the 4th Title for the Sparks, and this is the year nobody expected the Sparks to be even in the mix for the title. Yet, Lisa Leslie has her own goals and she sets her sights way above anyone else's and somehow she raised her game to a level we've not seen from anyone in the decade of the league's existance. She's not just the leading and only real choice for MVP in this 2006 season, she's having the best season anyone has ever had, and she's 34 years old. The Sparks are seeing the game come to them this year despite 7 new players and some superstar losses from the LA roster. Why will LA win it all? Nobody plays to improve as hard as she does and nobody can match her if the games are called the same way on both ends. We have the best ever in her best ever year, Lisa Leslie.
- 3DogSound, Los Angeles, CA

I am a Monarchs fan, but I have a strong feeling that the Connecticut will finally win the WNBA Championship after losing twice in a row. They will most definitely make the WNBA Finals but against who? Either Sparks or Monarchs. I hope the Monarchs, but the Sun are gonna win it all, the 11-game winning streak speaks for itself.
- Ryan, Iowa City, IA

The 2006 WNBA season has been so much fun to watch. So many players have emerged as leaders this season. The postseason will prove which of these leaders can lead their team to a championship. I am looking foward to the playoffs, finals, and the 2007 WNBA season.
- Angel, Milwaukee, WI

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