Jamie Carey and the Connecticut Sun will face the Detroit Shock in the Eastern Conference Finals. While she and the Sun prepared to take on Detroit, Jamie answered some of your questions.

How does it feel coming off a great season here at Texas and to enter the WNBA and go to the finals?? We were so lucky to have you here and now Im so glad to see your getting to show them what you showed us here in TX.Been watching u from the beginning!Lets keep the 3's going!
- Bri, Austin, TX

Jamie Carey:
Thanks Bri for your kind words! I do of course miss Austin and the University of Texas very much. It was quite a ride last summer having been a part of a special team ay UT, and then being a part of a run at the finals in the WNBA. The finals were an experience that I will absolutely never forget, but also something I crave to experience again as we did not have the outcome we had hoped for. The atmosphere and experience is that of fairytales, making all of the hard work over the years well worth it.

Jamie Carey and the Sun finished the regular season with the WNBA's best record.
Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images
Hey Jamie! What do you think it will take for the Sun to win the Championship? Best of Luck! Go Sun!!
- Ashia, Auburn, NH

Jamie Carey: Thanks for the questions Ashia. Doing all the little things as a team is what it takes to win a championship. Once you get to this level, every player is talented, but the teams that do the little things well together win championships. Along with that, winning the rebounding, freethrow, and turnover battles are always imperative.

Do you think its easier having the last two games of a playoff series at home or would you rather have the one home game first knowing you could be up one with only needing one road game to win?
- Jen, Fall River, MA

Jamie Carey: That's a tough question Jen. I guess it is a personal preference. Either way, you have to win two games, no matter how you look at it. In an ideal world, it might be more advantageous to play your first game at home, but again, two is the magic number.

Jamie, my daughter is a HUGE fan of yours..I like Margo (so that sign I hold says) Our question to you is, what is it like to play for the Sun?? You girls seem to enjoy yourselves WAY more than other teams..I guess winning does have something to do with it..Also does having the "home court advantage" really help you players?
-Brian, North Haven, CT

Jamie Carey: Thanks Brian for your question, and to your daughter for supporting our team! I have had such a great experience playing for the Connecticut Sun. I really am so fortunate to be able to do what I do on a daily basis. I am around some of the best people within our organization! Furthermore, I could not ask for better teammates. When it looks like we have a great time together, we really do. Our team is very relaxed together and I think it shows on the court. As far as having a "home court advantage", it absolutely does help us as players. That is one of the aspects we fight for during the regular season. It is comfortable at home, and we have the best fans! Being home is where we love to be!

Hey Jamie. First of all congratulations on a great season. Your play time has really increased this season and you've done a tremendous job stepping up to the plate. What would you say has been the greatest influence in your coming off the bench and playing with the starters? Do you have any rituals that you do to get yourself hyped for games? Good luck in the finals. Maybe this year the championship will be coming home to CT!
- Melissa, Pawcatuk, CT

Jamie Carey: Hello Melissa, thank you for your question. Our team has a great sense of chemistry, making it much easier for any of our bench players to come into the game and succeed. We all pride ourselves in staying ready and brining a sense of energy into the game. I really do not have many rituals to get ready to play. I used to more so when I was younger. My biggest ritual is to have a cup of coffee and nap before I play.

Jamie, congratulations on a great season. I'm amazed how you ALWAYS seem to be ready to play, no matter how many minutes or how frequently. How difficult is it to keep mentally prepared not knowing how many minutes you'll be playing each game?
- David, Farmington, CT

Jamie Carey: Thanks for your great question David. I appreciate your kind words. It is not difficult for me to stay mentally prepared to play. Every game our team prepares the same, as do I individually. I love this game more than I can possibly explain, which makes it very easy to remain focused and ready at all times.

Hi Jamie - I love your intensity and the energy you bring to the game. We always get excited when we see you waiting at the scorer's table to come on the court. You are a scrappy player and we love you. When you're fouled and the team gets in a huddle before the free throw, what do you talk about?
- Mary, Shelton, CT

Jamie Carey: Thank you Mary for your support and kind words! We all appreciate your support! When we are in a huddle before free throws, we talk about a variety of things. Sometimes we discuss the play that just occured so that we can defend it better the next time. Other times we discuss what we are about to run on the offensive end, or defensive end. It is a great time to make sure that the five people on the floor are on the same page. This is a critical time as every posession is crucial, epecially during playoffs.