Tully Bevilaqua and the Indiana Fever will face the Detroit Shock in the First Round of the WNBA Playoffs. Before she and the Fever took on the Shock, Tully answered some of your questions.

Hey Tully, do you think this will be the year the Australians win the WC? And excuse me if I don't wish you the best in the playoffs, but I am a Shock fan. I do like the way you play though.
- Hanee, Malaysia

Tully Bevilaqua: Hanee from Malaysia, hello! We're actually nearly cousins, not that far away from each other. Do I think the Australians will win the World Championship? I think we have a very good team put together this year, and I definitely think we will be right up there. I don't want to be overly-confident but I think if we play well together, and play well as a team then we will definitely be up there for that gold medal.

Tully Bevilaqua was named to the WNBA All-Defensive First Team.
Ron Hoskins/NBAE/Getty Images
Hi, it has been an amazing year for you so far. You're a WNBL champion, and a Commonwealth champion, and I hope for you it will continue. I was wondering what your best memories about the Commonwealth games were back in March. What other events did you see there? Thank you and good luck in the playoffs, and the World Championships.
- Clem, BEL

Tully Bevilaqua: Hey Clem! How's it go mate? Yes, I am still pinching myself; it has been a fantastic year. The Commonwealth Games were just awesome, and I think my best memories were with my teammates and how much fun we had, especially the opening and closing ceremonies. Obviously, when we were getting our medals was pretty amazing. I did go and see swimming. I watched the world record race that the women's 4x4 relay did, and that was pretty inspiring. I just had an awesome time.

Hi Tully. With so many Aussies in the league, it's hard to know which team to go for. What's the key point of difference between playing the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, and do you prefer one to the other? Good luck in the playoffs.
- Marissa, Sydney Australia

Tully Bevilaqua: Hello Marissa from Sydney! You know, over the years there has been a difference between the Western and Eastern Conference. I guess they've always said early on that the west was a stronger conference, but I don't think anybody can use that excuse anymore because I think the conferences are pretty even and it was shown by the fact that Connecticut had the better overall record in the regular season. Now, with free agency, there are so many players moving around different teams, and I think that has evened out the competition. I don't think there is any difference now between the East and the West.