Comets forward Sheryl Swoopes, after Houston won its second straight game in Houston to knock out the Storm, to the Houston Chronicle:
"The key was we moved the ball on offense. We had to move the ball on offense and make them play defense. Once we did, that was the key for us to knock down some easy shots."

Storm coach Anne Donovan:
"This one hurts. To be drilled on your own home court is not how any one of us envisioned this. Coming in with two home games after taking care of the one in Houston, I really thought we had a good chance in advancing to the Western finals."

Sparks forward Chamique Holdsclaw, to the L.A. Times, after being swept by the Monarchs:
"From where we started to where we are, we had a lot of ups and downs. A lot of unfortunate situations. We knew coming in that Sacramento was tough team, but… we just came up short. It was kind of the tale of the season, in a sense."

Nicole Powell and the Monarchs are in the Conference Finals.
Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images
Monarchs coach John Whisenant, on Most Improved Player Nicole Powell, after advancing to the second round:
"She deserved it because she has worked hard and fits well with this team. Even if she's not scoring she still has to be guarded. That creates openings for other players."

Detroit's Ruth Riley, after the Shock were eliminated from the Playoffs, to the Detroit News:
"She deserved it because she has worked hard and fits well with this team. Even if she's not scoring she still has to be guarded. That creates openings for other players."

Sun guard Lindsay Whalen, after Connecticut eliminated the Shock, to the Hartford Courant:
"I thought it was key for us to get in the lane. The other night I was able to find some people cutting. Tonight, I was able to get fouled. I made a couple of layups. Got fouled a lot. Made it to the line 17 times. That's a good stat for us to have."

A joyous Tamika Catchings, after a Game Two win over the Liberty, to the Indianapolis Star:
"I know I missed a whole bunch of easy shots. But that doesn't even matter when you win a game like this."

Sparks coach Joe Bryant, before Friday night's game in Sacramento, to the L.A. Times:
"Sacramento is a really good team. They play rough, they play physical, and they throw you off your game with the nature of the game they play."

Comets guard Dawn Staley, whose Comets staved off elimination with a late rally on Thursday night in Seattle:
"That's what veterans do. At times like that, we don't get rattled. We know we always have a shot at winning the basketball game. You just have to stay in it. With us, we're an older group. We understand. We've been in big, big games before."

Liberty guard Becky Hammon, after being swept by the Fever on Thursday night:
"My mind is still reeling from this game. Our biggest problem all season was allowing offensive rebounds and that came back to bite us tonight in a big way."

New Orleans native Janell Burse, on how she is coping with the devastation of Hurricane Katrina:
"It’s tough, but as soon as I step on the court I try not to think about it. But everyone wants to know about it.”

Storm forward Iziane Castro Marques, to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, of fellow Brazilian and Comets guard Janeth Arcain:
"She's an idol for everyone who plays basketball -- boys, too."

Monarchs guard Kara Lawson, after winning the opening game in Los Angeles on Wednesday:
"If you can get the first one and you're the higher seed, now you're in the driver's seat. Our focus, obviously, is to get the game on Friday. They're a dangerous team, very explosive, and we don't want to give them a chance to play Sunday."

Sparks center Lisa Leslie, after dropping Game One to Sacramento:
"You have to get one before you can think about two. We believe we can go there and win. That's our priority right now."

Sun forward Nykesha Sales:
"Any win on the road, when it's a three game series, is important. If you lose, everything is riding on you, you are the upper seed, it makes it tougher, winning that game and having them on their heels. Then playing at home gives most teams an extra push to play well so hopefully we'll be alright. They're definitely a team that has beaten us in the past and we're not taking that for granted at all. We realize they have beaten us and we need to play a certain way to beat them."

Shock guard Katie Smith, after losing Game One at home to the Sun on Wednesday:
"We obviously put ourselves in the hole. Obviously, we would have liked to have a little closer half. But we got the lead and then we started to miss some easy shots. We had good looks but didn't finish. We hit big buckets down the stretch. A number of people, Katie Douglas got hot, Taj was knocking in contested shots. Kiesha threw a couple that were good; tough shots. But basically this difference in the ball game was that they made shots and we didn't."

Fever guard Tully Bevilaqua, on her huge three-pointer near the end of Indiana's Game One win in New York on Tuesday:
"We've been shooting the ball pretty [well] from beyond the arc, and it went in. If the 3 is open, I'm going to take it."

Sun coach Mike Thibault, to the Boston Globe, about guard Katie Douglas:
"A lot of people get known as being good defensive players because they get steals. Katie is good because she makes people do what they're uncomfortable doing. Like making them catch the ball farther out than they want to catch it, or put the ball on the floor and go in a direction they don't want to go. She keeps people from catching the ball, those kind of things."

Storm guard Betty Lennox, after a Game One win on the road over the Comets:
"Our game plan was to focus on Sheryl Swoopes and for the off guard to help out and we did a great job on that. Our defense assignment was to shut her down and make her take tough shots, but we all know that she's a great player and you can't really ever shut her down, you can just try to contain her, double her, and throw different defensive looks at her."

Comets forward Sheryl Swoopes, after a Game One loss to Seattle:
"I don't think we could get anything going. We couldn't get into the flow of the game. Defensively, we did not execute our game plan. Now our backs are against the wall. We've got to go there (Seattle) and win 2, but we've got to take it one (game) at a time. We've got to take the one (game) on Thursday and, hopefully, another one on Saturday. Personally, I had a horrible game. As a team, I don't think we played up to our abilities.

Fever coach Brian Winters, to the Indianapolis Star:
"You can't be thinking about WNBA titles at this moment. You just have to be thinking about the next game. Because if you don't, you get beat."

Los Angeles's Chamique Holdsclaw, before the start of Round One on Tuesday:
"We're just happy to be in the playoffs. 'It's a whole new season now."

Detroit's Deanna Nolan, on the rivalry between Shock coach Bill Laimbeer and Sun coach Mike Thibault, to the Detroit Free Press:
"I think it adds more fuel. I don't know what Bill does to him or what he does to Bill, but there always seems to be some animosity between them, especially after our last home game against them. That kind of stirred up stuff. It kind of motivates us ... to go out there and kick their tail."

Kara Lawson, before Round One, to the Sacramento Bee:
"Every year of my career, we've played L.A. I don't know any other way."

Monarchs coach John Whisenant, also to the Sacramento Bee:
"My wife's license plate reads 'Beat L.A.,' " Monarchs coach John Whisenant said. "We've been there."

Liberty coach Pat Coyle, before the start of Round One on Tuesday:
"I'm excited to be in the playoffs. If we play how we are capable of playing, we'll do well."

Liberty guard Becky Hammon, before the start of Round One on Tuesday:
"We have a lot of veterans on this team; we know what it's going to take. We're ready for battle ... I guarantee we are going to leave it out on the floor."

Sun center Margo Dydek, to the Hartford Courant:
"I was thinking it was going to be so much easier. I had played for so many teams before, and I never had a problem fitting in. This team was kind of already set up, playing together for a long time. It's been difficult. I didn't understand at the beginning what they expected of me. But I like winning. So however I can help, it's good stuff."

Comets coach Van Chancellor, to the Houston Chronicle, before Game One against the Storm:
"It was an absolute fight to get in. I think these two teams are evenly matched. We almost won out there; they almost won in here. In four games, every stat you can find indicates that we're about dead even."

Storm coach Anne Donovan, to the Houston Chronicle, before Game One against the Comets:
"The way of the WNBA playoffs, it does not put the higher seed at an advantage. You have to go in there and make the most of it."