Lindsay Whalen of the Connecticut Sun checked in to answer some questions from her Playoffs Mailbox. Here's what she had to say during the Sun's first round series against the Detroit Shock.

Whalen and the Sun have home court throughout the playoffs.
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Q. What is different or has changed for you this season than your rookie season? I know at the college D1 level you are playing with and against some great players, but now at the pro you are with the cream of the crop, is there a huge difference between the two levels?

Whalen: "This year, I've been more prepared for the season. I understand what it takes to be a player in this league. There's a lot of preparation in running a team. Every team has an All-Star on it, every team has an All-American on it. Every night there's a match-up that's tough. Every night, you're playing someone who can put up 30 (points) in the game. At this level, you have to take care of your body and eat right and do the right things off the court, too."

Q. Hello Lindsay, I am curious as to why when you are jumping in a layup, when did you start using that unique jumping style? And is it my imagination or are a couple other of your teamates doing the same type of jump?

Whalen: "It's something that I've always done. From playing different sports, I learned how to jump and adjust. I guess I've been a little creative too. I don't notice anyone using my jumping style. I think everyone has their own unique style."

Q. I think your ball handling & court vision are great, not to mention you can score. Who, if anybody, have you modeled your game after?

Whalen: "I don't know if I've modeled my game after any one person. I've been influenced by a lot of great point guards and a lot of great players, both men and women. Jason Kidd, Steve Nash. From the women, there's Sue Bird who I watched a lot of her when I was in college. When she was a senior, I watched her play. I learn from players on my team. You learn from everybody, just by watching."

Q. Hey Lindsay! You are one of my favorite players! You Rock! I know you went to school in Hutchinson,MN. My dad is moving there and I was wondering if you every do camps down at the High School or somewhere there? Have a great playoff year! Good Luck!

Whalen: "Thanks, I have done some camps there. Hopefully, I'll get that started again when I get back there more permanently."

Q. Lindsay, first I like to let you know you are my favorite player in all basketball leagues. That includes NBA, WNBA, NCAA, street. Secondly, many fans noticed you improved your footwork greatly during the off season. Improvements were incredible. What do you plan on improving after this WNBA season?
-Fan from Nashua

Whalen: "I just hope to continue to get better. I'm going to work on my jump shot, my defense. I guess I'm just going to work on my all-around game."

Q. I have seen many of your games and noticed that you take contact very well when you drive. Are there any drills that I can work with to help me improve my game in that area? Or is it just something that will develop as you gain experience?

Whalen: "I think that's just from playing against guys when I was little. Playing with them, I learned how to take contact. I played a lot with them."

Q. What game prep. music are you listening to these days?
Whalen: "(With a smile) Kelly Clarkson.""