Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Lindsay Whalen and Katie Douglas checked in to answer some questions from their WNBA.com Finals mailboxes. Here's what they had to say during the Sun's second trip to the Finals in as many years.

Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Connecticut Sun

Congrats to the Sun on a second trip to the finals. After one loss to the Monarchs, how do you adjust your game to stop Yolanda and take control of the series? Also with the Monarchs being so big and physical, how do you control the paint?
- Sheryl (North Carolina)

McWilliams-Franklin: "The same thing we did last time. Weíre not going to change anything we do because one person always scores a lot in every game we play. You have to limit what the bench players do, not what the star players do. Stars are supposed to score, thatís why theyíre in the league. We just have to limit their bench production and limit our turnovers."

Hey Taj, now that you are heavy favored to win your first WNBA title, are you now going to hang it after this season? Why or why not?
- Charquise (Miami, FL)

McWilliams-Franklin: "No comment."

Hey Taj! I heard you love shoes, how many do you have? I love all your different basketball shoes! Congrats on your sportsmanship award! And good luck in the finals! Go Sun!
- Ashia (Auburn, NH)

McWilliams-Franklin: "I havenít a clue. A bunch. When you grow up with big feet and you have to wear menís shoes for a long period of time, you tend to buy a lot of shoes when you can afford it and they have your size. So, I have quite a few."

Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun

Just wanted to say youíre an awesome player and was wondering if your parents ever get a chance to see you play in CT, they definitely should come and see the MVP do her thing in front of the crowd that adores you Ö thanks and GO SUN!
- Alyssa (Connecticut)

Whalen: "In Connecticut, yeah, they came out twice this year. But, theyíre going to be out in Sacramento for the Finals. So, itíll be fun to see them out there. They watched (Game 1) on TV and Iím sure (for Game 2) they will, too."

How did you make your dream of playing in the WNBA and in the Finals come true? Good luck in the finals and thank you for being such an inspiration to me!
- Brittany (San Antonio, TX)

Whalen: "I think just playing hard all through the years and just practicing on things I need to get better at and just working hard as an individual. Thatís what Iíve tried to do."

Katie Douglas, Connecticut Sun

Hi Katie. I am a huge fan of yours and I wanted to know if you will play point guard sometimes because Lindsay is hurt?
- April (Vermont)

Douglas: "I donít think there has been that kind of talk at all. I think weíre confident in Jen (Derevjanik) and Jamie (Carey) coming in. You know in the games when Lindsay was playing Iíd help as much as I could, if Lindsay got a run out Iíd bring up the ball. Iíll help them as much as I can. Everyone is just going to have to step up a little bit more. Itís not just going to be me. Itís going to be Nykesha (Sales), Taj (McWilliams-Franklin). The leaders of this team have to be more vocal and more assertive and try to lead the team as best as we can. "

Do you feel more comfortable being in your second Finals and how do you think youíll do against Sacramento?
Hailey (Clarkston, Mich.)

Douglas: "We did well against them in the regular season, but obviously this is the Finals and the intensity and the concentration are so high. We know they are playing at a very high pace right now; they are playing our style of basketball, so itís going to be a track meet out there. Both teams like to be very physical and get up and down the court, so it should be an exciting Finals to watch. "