Kara Braxton of the Detroit Shock checked in to answer some questions from her WNBA.com Playoffs Mailbox. Here's what she had to say after the Shock's first round series against the Connecticut Sun.

Braxton and the Shock promise to make a run at it next year.
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Q. Hi Kara, i just want to tell you and the team good luck in the first round. How does it feel to be in the playoffs I hope all of you make it and win the champion good luck to all of you.
-Thanks, Maria.

Braxton: "Unfortunately, we weren't able to get through Connecticut in the first round of the playoffs. Although it felt good to get there, everybody on this team plays to win, so coming up short has left a bad taste in our mouths. Hopefully we'll come back healthy next year, and make a run at the championship."

Hello Kara! How are you and your son is doing? Well I just wanted to wish you and the Shock the bets of luck in the playoffs. I know it's been an up and down season and yall are in the playoffs and also i've enjoyed watching you every game when you played. So what has been the biggest adjustment for you all season?

Braxton: "Thanks a lot, Madison. My son and I are doing just fine. The biggest adjustment for me this season was being a mother and juggling my time between taking care of Jelani and playing basketball. Because he's so young, when we travel I'm not able to bring him with me. As far as just playing basketball, the biggest adjustment was not starting. It didn't change how I prepare for a game, but it was different coming off the bench for most of the year."

Q. My question is whats the best part about playing for the for the Shock? Do you any real good friends on the team? If so who are they? Keep up the good work.

Braxton: "Hey Tiffaney. One of the best parts about playing for the Shock is that it is so close to home. I'm originally from Jackson, and my sister and family have been able to see me play a lot and also help me with Jelani. I don't have any friends on this team (said within ear-shot of several players, and met with a lot of laughter). No seriously, everybody on the team is a friend. I hang out with everybody. It's a great group of people, and we all get along really well."

Q. Hey Kara, First you are a awesome player! and i look up to you so much! was playoff training hard? was it like training camp or easier? Well... good luck in the

Braxton: "Thanks Alexandra. Training camp was probably different for me than most players because I was still trying to get back into shape from having Aelani, so not only was I trying to learn a new system and new players, but I was dealing with my conditioning. Once the playoffs roll around, your preparation is pretty much the same as any other game. When you're playing a team you've already seen four times during the season you know each other pretty well, so we put in some new plays and made some adjustments after the first game in Detroit."

Q. Hi Kara, how are you? I really enjoyed seeing you play this season against L.A. Few questions to ask you. Can you dunk, and what kind of music do you listen to before game time? thankx and good luck.

Braxton: "Hi Karisa. I'm doing good thanks. Yes, I can dunk, and before games I listen to Young Jeezy and Down South music. Thanks for the questions everybody. Sorry we weren't able to win it all for you this year, but we'll be back next year to make another run at it."