UNCASVILLE, Conn., Sept. 14 -- There was plenty of action going on inside Mohegan Sun Arena Wednesday night and not all of it took place on the court. We wandered the venue and found, well, five cool things:

The Last Sun Team Bean in existence?

The stuffed doll of a Sun cheerleader, in its second season available for purchase at Connecticut games is especially popular. So much so that there aren't any left well, except for one.

Connecticut retailers were able to unlock out of a glass display case quite possibly the last Sun Team Bean on the planet.

"We've done very well with them," said a representative, who asked to remain anonymous.

Fans Scream for I-Scream

Undoubtedly, the most unique edible item we saw was Dippin' Dots Ice Cream, or as its motto reads "The Ice Cream of the Future."

Dippin Dots is exactly what it sounds to be -- ice cream in the form of tiny beads. It starts out as typical ice cream, frozen at 40 degrees below zero and then chipped. It's even stored in special freezers that are colder than typical ones.

It's hot dogs, however, that are the most popular snack at Connecticut games, with the team selling "upwards of one-thousand per game," according to Eli Huard (pictured), the Arena Line Chef at Mohegan Sun Arena who takes charge of the catering for the performers and crew in addition to overseeing all of venue's concession stands.

Clowning Around

We caught Jenny Catrambone making a ballon hat for a Sun concession employee. Jenny is part of a team of two ballon artists, two face painters and two caricaturists representing the organization Clown City at Connecticut games.

Jenny can make 20 to 30 different ballon items, including flowers, giraffes and even zebras with invisible stripes. Okay, horses.

Her colleague, Joshua Styles Miner, a.k.a. "Dynamic Domyno," says the pair usually make 250 ballon creations per game for fans.

No. 1 Fan

Season ticket holder Donna Nikos took advantage of the caricaturists to get herself drawn an hour-and-half before tip off. Decked out with homemade Sun jewelry, including earrings and a bracelet that reads "Go Sun Go", along with a temporary tattoo on her right arm, Donna claims to be the biggest WNBA fan and is "big time excited" about the Suns being in the Finals.

The East Haven, Conn. Resident was present at Mohegan Sun arena for the All-Star game and vows to make a trip to the big game next season wherever it may be. She's pulling for San Antonio. We'll see what we can do.

The Big Dance

Solar Power, the Sun's Dance team, includes a pair of sisters on the squad. Brittany and Javin Ashlaw have been members for one and two years respectively, and have danced since the age in two.

Trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and modern styles of movement, the duo are teachers at dance studio in Dayville.

They certainly like to work together as a team. We caught up with Brittany and Javin handing out posters of the dance team to fans an hour before tip off.