September 5, 2005 - As millions of kids head back to school this week all over the country, unofficially signaling the beginning of a new fall season, the WNBA gets deeper into its new season, the 2005 WNBA Playoffs. So before they left the classroom in favor of studying playbooks and opposing team's film sessions, what were some of the WNBA's best players' favorite things to learn in school?

Cheryl Ford, Detroit Shock

"I loved math and hated science. In college I majored in health and physical education. Math was too hard by college."

Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks

"I really loved history and economics. I also liked writing a lot, so I guess you can say English as well. It was called Composition back then."

Who knew Taj was a writer?
Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images
Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Connecticut Sun

"English was my favorite subject in school. I was a writer. English Writing and Rhetoric was my major in college. Going back to school in the fall, I was always excited to go back. I never spoke in school, but I loved it. I got straight A's, but never talked in class. I would get in trouble for my lack of participation.

DeMya Walker, Sacramento Monarchs

"My favorite subjects were based on my teachers, not the actual class. I couldn't wait to get to history class because my teacher was the maaan. He was cool. Mr. Stanley was my chemistry teacher. He was my buddy. Mr. Lattimer was my phsyics teacher and he was my buddy too. They took care of me. And of course, my gym teachers. They were my homies."

Ann Wauters, New York Liberty

"I really liked what people would consider the boring subjects, but I loved math and science. I liked biology, especially studying the human body."