Nicole Ohlde of the Minnesota Lynx, checked in to answer some questions from her Playoffs Mailbox. Here's what she had to say prior to the Storm's first round series against the Seattle Storm.

Ohlde and the Lynx will play the Storm in the first round.
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images
First of all, congrats! You are my favorite player on the Lynx and you rock. I can tell you have fun in the game and you put the swish back into my swish shot. Here's my question: You're in the playoffs and of course you're excited, but what are your other feelings about being in something as exciting as this? Your wishing-to-meet-you friend,
-Flame (St. Paul, MN)

Ohlde: "I think pretty much the word exciting. I don't think there are any other words besides that. I think I'm really eager to get this thing started and get going."

Nicole, what is the key factor to your tremendous growth as your rookie season continues to progress?
-D-Money (Fredericksburg, VA)

Ohlde: "I think people surrounding me and the teammates and coaches that I have, along with playing time on the court."

Sup Nicole.... how does it feel knowing that your teamís playoff chances this year basically depend on how well you do? Is that pressure?
-Eric (Marshall, MN)

Ohlde: "I don't think it necessary depends on just me. I think it's a totally team effort with everybody stepping up, so there is no pressure on my end at all."

Hey Nicole! You are so awesome. What was it like to play with Teresa Edwards and Katie Smith? Good luck on the rest of your journey to the championship.
-Corey (Youngwood, PA)

Ohlde: "Just unbelievable -- two of the most intelligent basketball minds out on the court and two of the most talented players to ever play the game. For me it's an honor. I enjoy playing with them all the time."

Hi Nicole! I think you are such an awesome post player. You can do it driving to the basket, and also with your back to the basket. I watched you and Vanessa rip L.A., and you both were awesome. My question to you is, how do you think you will do against Lauren Jackson in the first round?
-Jackie (Pipe Creek, TX)

Ohlde: "It just depends on how the game goes and how everything is called. Hopefully for me it goes well and hopefully for the team it goes well."

Nicole, first, I would like to say congratulations on reaching the playoffs. The WNBA fans are finding out what K-State fans knew all along: you are a great player and a wonderful person. What will it take for the Lynx to win in the playoffs, and how do you fit into that strategy?
-Patrick (Wichita, KS)

Ohlde: "I think we know we just need to do what is necessary to get wins. We need to control the boards and keep the turnover numbers down and execute on the offensive end and do the little things to get it done."