Yolanda Griffith of the Sacramento Monarchs checked in to answer some questions from her WNBA.com Playoffs Mailbox. Here's what she had to say prior to the Storm's first round series against the Los Angeles Sparks.

Is this finally the year that the Monarchs take out the Sparks?
D. Lippitt/NBAE/Getty Images
How does it feel being in the playoffs and what do you think you will do to continue to help your team win? Also, do you have any advice for a high school girl hoping to get where you are and also lead her team to a championship?
-Brittany (Chicago, IL)

Griffith: Brittany, It's great being in the playoffs again. We have been here before and we know what to do. We just have to go out and play our game. And not let LA dictate how we should play, but play our game. To help my team, I'll keep rebounding and getting good shots down low and going to the line. For a higschool student, she shold continue to practice every day. Practice, hardwork and determination are the keys. Yo

Hey Yo, congrats on leading your team to the playoffs. How do you think that your team matches up with LA and what must you do to shut down Lisa? Good luck and kill LA.

Griffith: Barry, We match up well against LA. These last few seasons we have done very well against them. We split the series two games to two so we are very familiar with the Sparks. For us to win, we need to win the battle on the defensive boards and shoot good shots. We need to play our defense. - Yo

Hey Yo, I've been a fan every since the Stingrays in Long Beach. I'm glad I'll get to see the playoffs when it gets to LA, just wish it was the finals. My question is, if you had a chance to pick who out of the three to play, Lynx, Storm or Sparks, to play, which team would it be?
-Lynn (San Diego, CA)

Griffith: Lynn, It doesn't matter to me who we face really because we just want to win. Not matter who the opponent is we have to go out and play our game and do what we need to do in order to move to the next round. Yo

YO~YO, Hey girl! What do you think you and your team need to work on most before playoffs? Grab a few rebounds for me :)!! GOOD LUCK!!!!
-Stephanie (Diana, WV)

Griffith: Stephanie, We focus a lot on our defensive game. We need to be more consistent with our free throw shooting and we also need to stay on the boards especially the defensive boards. Yo

Hi! Yo-Yo! I have three questions for you: 1. Are You going to play in Russia this offseason? 2. What do you think about level of Game in Russia and Europe? 3. How long are you going play professional basketball? P.S. We're waiting for you. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVVVVVVEE!
-DL (Russia)

Griffith: DL, I played in Russia for two offseasons and I really like it there. We are treated very well and I have had a good time being there, but I also misss my family when I'm gone. I'm not sure what my plans are for this offseason yet. I think the level of play internatioanlly gets better each year. But the USA is still the team to beat when it comes down to the big international events such as the Olympics. Yo

This is the third time in four years that you've faced the Sparks in the playoffs. What do y'all need to do differently to beat them this time?
-Pilight (Macon, GA)

Griffith: Pilight, We will just go out and play our game and continue to do the best that we can. We beat LA twice this season and so I believe we can beat them again during the playoffs. Yo

GO YO YO! You are the greatest, and here's to proving to every one what we know in Sac...you are the MVP! Hey, what's up with Lady on the sidelines? We miss seeing her gritty determination, sense of humor and fantastic smile in the game.
-Ann (Sacramento, CA)

Griffith: Ann, Shady Lady is a big part of this team. She keeps us laughing and smiling when times get tough and even when she's not in the game she is a huge contributor from the bench. This team just wouldn't be the same without Shady. Yo