Simone Edwards of the Seattle Storm, checked in to answer some questions from her Playoffs Mailbox. Here's what she had to say prior to the Storm's first round series against the Minnesota Lynx.

Edwards and the Storm open up in Minnesota on Saturday.
Jeff Reinking/NBAE/Getty Images
The one-two combination that Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson bring to your team is very important. How do you think seattle matches up with some of the other "big name" teams?
-Rashida (Cibolo, TX)

Edwards: "I think we match up well. All the other big-name teams - you're talking about Detroit, who came back and they're in the playoffs, L.A. and Connecticut. Starters to starters, we match up well. We have good post players, good guards, a tremendous point guard. Once we come out and play our game, we can beat any team we want."

Hey Simone and the rest of the Seattle Storm! Congratulations to you all on making the Playoffs! I just wanted to know what the most challenging part of making the playoffs was and how did you and/or the team overcome it? Well Good Luck you guys (girls) I'll be rooting for you!
-Noelia (Tucson, AZ)

Edwards: "Once we came back from the break, we had a player who was the main part of our offense (Lauren Jackson) missing. Compare it with last year, when Lisa Leslie went out, her team struggled. Once we get her back and were back to our roles, we came back and took that second position. That was also the toughest for me, replacing Lauren in the starting lineup. I was going and trying to play my same role and it was different. LJ is a great scorer; I'm not. As much as I would love to shoot, that's not my role, it's really more to go in and bring their energy so that my teammates will take theirs up another level too."

Hey Simone, Congrats on the Storm making the playoffs. Since the break, we have lost a little momentum. What do you think the Storm have to do to get back to where we were before the break and to move past the first round of the playoffs and into the finals. THANKS GO STORM!!!!
-Neena (Seattle, WA)

Edwards: "We have to focus, I think that's the main thing. We have to focus on playing defense, because defense is a big part of our game. We cannot win without it. We have to focus on executing at the end of games, whether we're down or up, or if we get a 10-point lead, not to lose it. I think that's the main thing. We have the talent, but talent without focus or work doesn't bring you anything. We have to bring that extra effort, take it another level up, everybody, even to the bottom of the bench. We have to pick up everything. We have to get an attitude that we're not going to lose games, not at this point."

Hey Simone, Congratulations on the best season ever for the Storm. As a charter season ticket holder I've been there since the 6-26 season of 2000, to the great playoff run in 2002 to this year's amazing season. As an inagural member of the team, how have you seen the organization change over the course of your five seasons? P.S. Thanks for the hug after the LA game. GO STORM.
-Sheila (Maple Valley, WA)

Edwards: "It's changed at lot. Every time somebody asks me that, I go all the way back to when it was loss after loss after loss after loss. It's different. Now, you walk down the street, people know who the Storm are. This is what I wanted for all these years, just to walk into a mall or a place and somebody says, "Hey!", says something good about you, notice we're here. It just feels good. With the new players coming in and bringing their talent, it's a new level. This is the year for me to get a championship, the fifth year. I'm not looking for anything less. It would be great for me to get a championship this year."

What's Lauren like as a team mate? She always looks pretty serious on the court. Thanks.
-Kade (Sydney, Australia)

Edwards: "Lauren is crazy. She's a big kid. She loves having fun, she loves laughing. She's talented. God has given her the ability to be a good basketball player, and she's proven that on the court. I look at Lauren and Sue as my little sisters, because they came in here as babies, they came in here so young. Watching them grow, get better each year, the responsibility they have know with this team, it's amazing. LJ loves to laugh, loves to make jokes, pull pranks on people. Like I said, she's a big kid."

What's the biggest challenge about playing in the playoffs? how much different is it from regular season?
-Tori (New Mexico)

Edwards: "In the regular season, you know there's another game coming. You know you're going to play all these games. In the playoffs, it's a best-of-three, so if you lose the first game and the second one, you're out. There's no, "We're going to fix this." Now, it's really do-or-die. Those games were building to this. Now, it's like there's a trophy up there, and you just have to jump on these steps to get it. If you lose, you're out. It's tough. I want to go back to Jamaica with that big smile on my face and bring a championship, add that on to being one of the first players from Jamaica."