Juliet is a freshman who plays, watches, and loves basketball. She enjoys playing volleyball and softball as well. She is a Houston Comets fan and her favorite player is Sheryl Swoopes. She's also on the student council and is always on the honor roll. When not on the court, she is either studying, listening to music, or watching "Love & Basketball."

Here is Juliet's prediction for which team will win it all:

The Houston Comets are going to win the WNBA Finals this year. Reasons being, well of course: Sheryl Swoopes. She is the league's best player. She averages 18.8 points, which leads the league, she's third in steals, averaging almost three per game, she passes well, giving three assists per game and she already has the experience of four championships under her belt. The woman is unstoppable. Tina Thompson is also a big reason that the Comets will win their fifth title. She averages 16.7 points and 7.5 rebounds per game and she too has that playoff experience. And then there's Janeth Arcain who gives you 11 points and 4 rebounds per game. Who can stop this big three? No one!

The Comets also have more than just the big three. Michelle Snow showed that with her 16 point and 11 rebound performance stepping up for the then injured Thompson. Tiffani Johnson grabs almost six boards and seven points per game. Also, with the five-year veteran Rebecca Lobo on the team, the Comets have more experience, and that in the end is too much for anyone to handle.

Houston has the best coach in the league sitting on their bench. Van Chancellor knows how to win championships because he's done it four times already. Some might say “Why not five?,” but without your star player, it's tough. Would the Sparks have won without Lisa Leslie? I don't think so. So in the end it's the Houston Comets that are gonna get the rings for the fifth time.