September 6, 2014

#WNBAFan Questions: Saturday's Practice Session

If you want to ask a member of the Phoenix Mercury or Chicago Sky a question, just submit your questions on Twitter using #WNBAFan and will ask them for you.

Here are some of the responses from Saturday's practice session at U.S. Airways Center.

“I mean NCAA, college is just completely different than pro. You’re on your own in pro, in your own routine, getting yourself ready for the games, whereas in college you’ve got team dinners, team meetings all this stuff. So that’s one big difference, but also in the NCAA I never even got to the Final Four and now I’m in the WNBA Finals, so that’s the biggest difference there.”

"Enjoy it. Have fun. Basketball is not supposed to be a chore, it's supposed to be a passion, so love it and enjoy it."

“Probably penetrating. I mean not necessarily getting to the rim, but finishing at the rim, trying to keep my eye on the goal and finish that because everybody’s so big. They make me alter a lot of my shots.”

“It feels amazing. Not only coming back from injury but we haven’t been here since 2009, so it’s huge for us and for me especially. There was a phase when I wasn’t sure I’d ever get back to playing let alone be in the Finals, so I feel very lucky to be on this team, to play for this club who supported me throughout those injuries.”

"Well tomorrow will be different because the game is so early, but tomorrow I'll just wake up, get something to eat and go to the gym. But normally, it's shootaround and then go get something to eat, go home, nap, shower and go to the game. I try to eat healthy -- no fried foods or anything like that."