Sheryl Swoopes and Katie Smith Chat Recap

All week long, many of the WNBA's biggest stars will be in New Orleans to take part in NBA All-Star Weekend. From events in the community to All-Star Saturday Night and the Celebrity Game, make sure you check back for photos, interviews and a chat with two future Hall-of-Famers.

Shock guard Katie Smith and Comets forward Sheryl Swoopes will be there, too. These two are longtime U.S. Olympic teammates, members of the WNBA All-Decade Team and former WNBA champions. Yet they are still hungry to add more accolades to their resume. And with Swoopes free agent status still up in the air, go right to the source to find out what she's thinking.

The 2008 WNBA season is just a few short months away, and Katie and Sheryl joined us for a chat live from Media Day in New Orleans on Thursday and spent their Valentine's Day with us!

SportsNation Moderator: (3:03 PM ET ) Katie and Sheryl are in the building, so get your laptops fired up and your typing fingers ready to chat! 3:30 p.m. ET on the DOT.

SportsNation Moderator: (3:28 PM ET ) And we're ready to go. Katie and Sheryl are here and are ready to take your questions. Let's do this.

DeAndre Louisiana: Welcome to Louisiana, have you guys been to Bourbon Street yet?

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:29 PM ET ) Not yet, baby. I'm on my way, though soon. If we can ever get a couple of hours off...

 Katie Smith: (3:29 PM ET ) Yeah I need a reservation for Valentine's Day somewhere. Any suggestions?

Jillian: Kansas City, Mo: Hi Sheryl!! How have you been preparing for the upcoming season?

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:30 PM ET ) I have definitely been getting better. Doing a lot of rehab - on my back, my leg. Unfortunately I haven't been back on the court yet, but I'm about two weeks away. Then I'll be 100% able to get started.

JaiVon, Chicago, IL: Katie, I have enjoyed watching you since you played at OSU. It seems you are in better shape now than back then. Can you share your secrets to getting better with age?

 Katie Smith: (3:31 PM ET ) Paying a little bit more attention to what you eat and getting smarter. I love to work out, but mostly understanding how to take care of your body. That comes with experience.

kevin (macon ga): Katie & Sheryl 15 years ago y'all played in the greatest NCAA tournament game of all time down in Atlanta. Do either of you have any memories of that game? Did you get a copy of the DVD the NCAA put out of it?

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:31 PM ET ) Yes - Texas Tech won it all baby.

 Katie Smith: (3:31 PM ET ) Maybe if we held Sheryl to 45 points, we would have gone to OT. We had a blast.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:32 PM ET ) Speaking for both of us, we've become very good friends since that game. The college days...

Beverly Daniels: Katie you are the GM for the Shock, it's College Draft Day, who is your first pick and why. Thanks BD

 Katie Smith: (3:33 PM ET ) I'm going Sylvia Fowles. Over Candace. She's a beast. She can run, guard, and score. She's a monster.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:33 PM ET ) Syl is gonna get on the block and bang with you. It depends where you're playing Candace. She's not as effective at the 3.

Rich, London: Both of you are unrestricted free agents right now. Are we going to be seeing either of you on new teams this season?

 Katie Smith: (3:34 PM ET ) Nope. Not me.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:34 PM ET ) It is what it is.

 Katie Smith: (3:35 PM ET ) Only if she comes to Detroit.

Nikki - Stafford, VA: Hi Sheryl and Katie, Sheryl I was wondering first how is your back doing. Will you definitely be playing this season? Also do you want to or plan to stay in Houston? Look forward to the great season. Nikki

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:36 PM ET ) My back is doing ... let me think of a word... spectacular-omous. Wondermaculous. It feels great. Better than it has in about three years. Nothing is guaranteed, but my goal and plan is to play this season.

Matt (Sandusky, OH): Katie, you are a very versatile basketball player that can play multiple positions. What is your favorite position to play on the perimeter?

 Katie Smith: (3:36 PM ET ) Perimeter... a two-guard.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:36 PM ET ) I'd rather she play the two. Not the three. She is a beast.

 Katie Smith: (3:37 PM ET ) I'd say the last few years playing the one has been rewarding. So it goes 2-1-3-4. And I could slide in at the five.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:37 PM ET ) Maybe.

 Katie Smith: (3:37 PM ET ) Ok maybe. Wow, Sheryl Swoopes.

Kirven (Sacramento, CA): The new CBA looks very good to me. Are you happy with it?

 Katie Smith: (3:38 PM ET ) I am - quality of life is good.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:38 PM ET ) As players, we're all very pleased with the CBA and happy that it gone done when it did.

 Katie Smith: (3:38 PM ET ) Oh my here comes Tina with her son. Look at him. Time out...

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:38 PM ET ) DYLAN!!! HI DYLAN!!!

Anthony (Andrews AFB MD): Happy Valentines Day Katie! Do you see the WNBA changin the rules to allow someone else to decide who the reserves will be for the All-Star game because the way it is now, it has great players like cash and ur self missing out and we all know u guys deserve it. Go SHOCK 2008 WNBA Champs!!!

 Katie Smith: (3:39 PM ET ) I'd like to change the starters. I'm kidding. I'd say leave it the same.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:40 PM ET ) I think you want the fans to be involved. Fans voting for the starters is good. But there are some great players who are being left out every year, so maybe there is a way to change it. But someone is always gonna be left out.

Kayla Detroit, Michigan: Hello Ladies, hope you guys are enjoying your off season!!!!! My question is have you guys thought of retirement in the next two years?

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:41 PM ET ) I've thought of it...

 Katie Smith: (3:41 PM ET ) It's on the horizon.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:42 PM ET ) when I retire, I want to do it on my terms. Not because everyone thinks its time for me or that I should. I want to be at the top of my game when I go out, not battered and bruised.

 Katie Smith: (3:42 PM ET ) I like that answer.

Maddie (Westboro, MA): Both of you have been teammates and members of championship teams in the past. Are there any players you would like to have a chance to play with, either veterans or potential draft picks?

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:42 PM ET ) Yes...

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:43 PM ET ) We all have players we'd love to play with. I've been fortunate enough to play with some amazing players. I've already played with many at the top of my list.

 Katie Smith: (3:43 PM ET ) With U.S. players, I've played with everyone I want to play with - Sheryl, Lisa... it's been real great.

Mike Nelsoville Ohio: Hi Kaite and Sheryl... What do you think of the new team coming to Atlanta? Good luck to both of you this year. thanks Mike

 Katie Smith: (3:44 PM ET ) Hot'lanta. I hope the fans come out and support. A great city.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:44 PM ET ) They seem very excited about it. I cannot wait to go and play there. Atlanta will be a great place to be in the summer. And the fans are buying those tickets. It will be a great addition to the WNBA.

Tiffany(chicago): Hi Sheryl and Katie. My question is with the season coming up soon, do you both plan to play in the olympics? Thanks! and Keep up the great work!

 Katie Smith: (3:45 PM ET ) I would like to if I can stay healthy and keep rolling. So yes, I would like to, if they pick me.

Dana-Washington, DC: I'm sure you two saw the video of the 6'8 high school junior who seems to know how to throw it down. Do you think dunking will be a regular feature in WNBA play? Thanks! You two are awesome!

 Katie Smith: (3:46 PM ET ) I don't know about regular, but it will happen more than it has.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:47 PM ET ) Women in the WNBA already can dunk. Candace and Sylvia can do it. There are other players - Brittney Grenier. She was throwing it down. We'll see it more, but it won't change the game.

Jay (Oakland, CA): Hey ladies, who's your nonbasketball top pick: Hillary, Obama, McCain, etc?

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:48 PM ET ) One of the above.

 Katie Smith: (3:48 PM ET ) One of the first two. A or B, not C.

DeAndre Louisiana: LSU VS TENN tonight who yall got?

 Katie Smith: (3:48 PM ET ) Tennessee.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:49 PM ET ) I love Pat Summit. She is great. I love what she has done. But I have to go with my former coach... Van has something up his sleeve. Always, It may be candy, but there is something there.

Kalisa (Memphis, TN): Just wanted to say I love you both and good luck with the upcoming season. Sheryl and Katie if you could play for any team in the NBA who would it be for?

 Katie Smith: (3:49 PM ET ) I'd like to go to Boston and play with KG.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:50 PM ET ) They're already good enough - they don't need you, Katie. I'm going to say Phoenix and Steve Nash.

Alan (Manassas, VA): Okay, you can have one food item each day and the calories don't count. It's a freebie. What food item do you pick?

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:51 PM ET ) Carbs. Pretzels, pizza, breads...

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:51 PM ET ) McDonald's french fries.

 Katie Smith: (3:51 PM ET ) Okay, I'll say jumbo soft pretzels.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:52 PM ET ) Ooooh, that's specific. Then I'll say my fries have to be greasy and salty.

Jemetria Miami,Fl.: To both Katie and Sheryl, what is the reason your careers have lasted so long? What contributes to your success?(i.e., working out, healthy eating...)

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:53 PM ET ) For me, because I understand the game more and I know wha tit takes to be able to compete and be successful at this level. Because of all that, discipline, dedication and determination to be the best I can be.

 Katie Smith: (3:54 PM ET ) I agree with that... physically we have been able to stay competitive with the younger kids. But we have a drive to be the best at what we do. I love what we do too which keeps us going. We've had injuries, but it's about the work ethic. We've come back as good as ever and it's a testament to how hard Sheryl and I work to maintain and compete at this level.

 Katie Smith: (3:55 PM ET ) alright thanks everyone, peace out.

 Sheryl Swoopes: (3:55 PM ET ) See ya somewhere! Thanks again for everyone's questions and be ready for the WNBA in 2008!