Comets - Mercury Post-Game Quotes

* With tonight's 110-111 triple-overtime loss vs. Phoenix, the Comets failed to clinch a playoff spot for third straight game. Houston still needs just one more win or a Mercury loss to earn a ticket to the postseason for the ninth time in the ten-year history of the franchise.

* Tonight's triple-overtime thriller set a new WNBA record with most combined points in one game (222), topping the previous high of 204 points set by Sacramento (108) and Detroit (96) on June 1, 2000.

* Mercury guard Diana Taurasi continued to thrive in her role as a Comet killer, setting a new WNBA record with 47 points tonight on 17-of-33 shooting from the field (.515) and 8-of-16 shooting from the 3-point arc (.500), before fouling out with 2:45 left in the second overtime period. The previous WNBA single-game scoring high was 46 points set by Minnesota's Katie Smith at Los Angeles on July 8, 2001 (OT).


(on the game) "As you are well aware, we have had three games exactly like this with Houston and the other two times you could flip a coin as to who would win the game and tonight too. So, I guess if you flip enough coins, it turns up your number. I thought Houston did a terrific job and there were just two tired teams out there at the end. We have to win seven out of seven. We dug ourselves in a hole, that we had to and still have to win our last seven in a row. Well, now we've won five. We've been on a win or else our last seven games. You usually only have a game or two like that and we have seven. It was a great basketball performance. Diana Taurasi...I have no idea what she had but she was in the 40's somewhere and had she not fouled out it could of been in the 50's."

(on the play of Tina Thompson) "I'm new to the league. I saw her on TV the first week of the season and was so impressed, I said this Houston team with Tina Thompson is unstoppable. This is the first time I saw her in person and she is a great player and she will only get better now that she's back in the swing of it."

(on the remainder of the season) "Well, we've got a nice easy weekend. We go to San Antonio Saturday and come back to play the league champions on Sunday. It's better than the alternative."


(on her reaction to setting at WNBA league records for number of points in a game) "You know what's even better.....we won, so I'm happy. haha This team has been so resilient, we've had our backs against the wall and then today, everyone chipped in and had a little piece of the pie and it feels really good to get this win. Especially against a team that legendary when you talk about the WNBA. So for us to come in here and win a game like that, it means a lot."

(on her play tonight) "This team just does a great job of pushing it and finding me in different spots. Today shots were going in. I felt pretty good. With the flow of the game, everybody got a lot of shots off. It was just fun to play."

(on the playoff race) "That's our goal. We know pretty much wraps it up if they win on Saturday, but we can't control what they do. We've got these next two games and we are going to try and win them. You never know what will happen."

(on fouling out) "How do you make a call on something like that? To play that hard for that long and just take it away from a player, I don't understand and guess I never will. That's why I will never be a referee. They have a tough job and did a great job today."


(on the play of the game) "I didn't want another over time so I guess I just had to concentrate and put them in. There was a little pressure, but I tried not to think about it too much. This game was pretty unbelievable. I'm so proud of the way this team dug it out. We had people in foul trouble and people come in to play well for us. We are playing well right now and it's fun to play like this. We just have to keep it up. We are playing together and playing as a team and that's what we need to do to keep winning. Good things will happen.


(on the game) "I really feel sorry for our team. We got some great looks at the basket at the end of everything and couldn't make it and then (Diana) Taurasi just nailed them. I thought we played as hard as we could."

(on missing an opportunity to make the playoffs with a win tonight) "We have

to regroup to play a good team, Seattle. We had it in our own hands right here tonight...we couldn't just finish."


(on the game) "Well, people can say it was a good effort, you almost won. But we've been 'almost' all season long. We're down to 1 game now (to make the playoffs) and that's going to determine our fate. We can't rely on Phoenix losing 1 of 2 games and we sneak in. We should have taken care of business 4 games ago, but the good thing about this loss is that we have 1 more opportunity. We've just got to make the most of it. If we want to continue our season. It's as simple as that."

(on the overtime loss) "Right now I'm very disappointed, frustrated, because we are having to say we've got 1 more game. We were down by 10 points at the half and that was our wakeup call. In the 2nd half, we looked like a completely different team. Phoenix is a very good offensive team and we didn't guard anybody. Defending a player like Diana's impossible for 1 player to defend her, regardless of who it is -- me, Defensive Player of the Year -- it's hard to guard a player like that. She is going to get her points. It's the players off the bench you've got to stop."

(on whether the Comets will make the playoffs) "I thought we would be in the playoffs after tonight's game. Unfortunately that didn't happen. We've got 1 more game to take care of our business. It's an early game and against a very good Seattle team. They lost tonight and had we taken care of business, we would be in the playoffs. It's a lot of ifs, ifs and ifs. If we come out and play good 40 minutes, we move on. If we don't our season's over."


(on the game) "This was a tough loss considering we needed a win to get into the playoffs. We had our chances. We were not supposed to lose this game. However, there are some good things up ahead for this team, no matter how bleak it looks. We'll make the playoffs."

(on the 3-overtime loss) "It was incredible to be a part of. There were a lot of offensive skills displayed tonight by different people. I'm just sad, very disappointed we're on the losing end."

(on the play of Diana Taurasi) "She is it! She's an offensive poweress. She can score a lot of different ways. She displayed that tonight. She hit off-balance 3s, she went to the rim and she got to the free-throw line. That's what she does best."


(on the game) "It's a game of runs. We had ours and they had theirs. We let them get up by 10 points at the half and we had to fight back and being at home, we should have never gotten in that situation where we are down by double-digits and fighting back like the way we did. But it is what it is."

(on the Comets' playoff chances) "We just have to come in and get it done. That was our intention tonight, but we have 1 more shot at it. The opportunity is there...we just have to take advantage of it."

(on her calf injury) "I'm hurting right now, but I'm not going to use that as an excuse. I showed up to play."