Manchester Live: Marynell Meadors Postgame Quotes

Dream head coach Marynell Meadors
Mansoor Ahmed/NBAE/Getty Images

Q: Is Angel McCoughtry going to be fit for the first WNBA game in New York?

Meadors: She is day to day so we will see. She’s up and running; her range of motion is 100% now so we’re hopeful that she’ll be ready by next Sunday.

Q: What did you know of the Great Britain team?

Meadors: What did we know about them? Nothing. We knew who their roster was but we had not seen them play, so we knew that our players would have to make some major adjustments when they were on the court and they did. I thought our defense was really good today.

Q: I am interested to see your views on the Dream or other WNBA teams taking on some of the other top teams in Europe and competing against Euroleague women and whether you think that would be something of interest to fans and to players and coaches alike?

Meadors: I think so. I think FIBA Europe is really one of the starting leagues that the players can play in. We have a lot of our players who play over here during the off-season of the WNBA. We have one player right now playing with Belarus Yelena Leuchanka is with the Belarus national team; Sancho Lyttle is on the Spanish national team and Angel McCoughtry’s on the USA national team and we just think that when they compete in Europe it gives them an opportunity to get better and better and then when they come back to us we help them get even better players. We also have two Brazilians who play on the Brazilian national team, so we have a lot of international players on our team.

Q: Where you surprised by how competitive the GB team was today?

Meadors: I thought that they would be very competitive and any time a team has an opportunity to play a WNBA team I think that they have a lot of energy when they start the game and I felt like GB really played hard. They played great defense on us and they made it really difficult for us to get shots and if you noticed a lot of times the shot clock was going down to 6 or 7, 5, 4, 3 and then we’d take a quick shot. I thought their defense was really good and that caught us by surprise. But we scored pretty efficiently after that.

Q: So what’s the next step for the WNBA to bring to the masses in the UK?

Meadors: I think the message that we try to give while we were here was to keep working hard and to play with a purpose and passion for the game and I can see that Great Britan is getting better and better. I’ve been in the game a long time and I’ve watched younger teams play and I’ve watched a lot of teams play on international level and I really think that Great Britain has the makings of a really good team. They play well together and I think they are going to do extremely well in the 2012 Olympics.

Q: This was your first chance to see Lindsey Harding as the new starting point guard, how do you think she is fitting in with the system and the team?

Meadors: Trust me; I saw Lindsey Harding way too many times for the first four years of her career. But the way that she fit in today…I think she’s a great leader. She does exceptional things she can score, she can rebound, she organizes the team, she can set the tempo and I thought she did a really good job of that today.