Finals Quotes Game 3

Game 3
September 18, 2005
Sacramento 66, Connecticut 55
Here is what the players and coaches had to say after the game:

DeMya Walker, Sacramento Monarchs on Game 2 loss: I did take it hard personally, because I'm smarter than that. I knew the game plan, I knew I was supposed to take away the three and I didn't do it. So I really was disappointed in myself.

Kara Lawson, Sacramento Monarchs: I was talking to Ticha the other day and regardless of what happens, the season is over in four days and I'm not ready for that at this point. So I don't want to break up and have everyone go their separate ways. We'll never have this same group together, that's how it is, how pro sports is. So it's been a special year and I'm glad to have been a part of it.

Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Connecticut Sun: There's no pressure. We are going to play the same way we have been playing. We have to come up with a lot more loose balls, and box out a lot better and the game will take care of itself. It's not about X's and O's for us, it is about who wants it the most. We have proven that we can play well, we just have to do it for a consistent basis.

Coach John Whisenant, Sacramento Monarchs: We beat them in the paint, which is what we're supposed to. That's our goal. For us to win, that is the way. We can't beat them in a game of Horse; they will outshoot us. From top to bottom they will, so we have to do it our way and our ladies did it.

Coach Mike Thibault, Connecticut Sun: I guess I'm not a very good prognosticator because I thought we would play our best game in the series today and we played our worst. You don't win any games when you give them 20 points on turnovers and 16 points on offensive rebounds and you hold them to 37 percent from the floor. You don't win. So that's it, as simple as I can put it.

Yolanda Griffith, Sacramento Monarchs: . I still think when we have a lead on a team, you have to close the door. You can't give them opportunities. We had a 12-point lead, they cut into the lead and we were only up by two with maybe six and a half, five minutes left in the game. That's giving a team the momentum to shift.