Tweeting with Monique Currie

Monique Currie (@MoCurrie25) of the Washington Mystics answered fan questions on Twitter on Thursday. A transcript of the Twitterview is below.

Hey yall! Its bright, early and hot here in Phoenix! Send in your questions for the twitterview, ill be around for a bit. @wnba @WashMystics

@Mocurrie25: what is it about this Mystics team that makes it so good then the previous years? Teamwork? Defense? Chemistry?
@WNBA_NOTES each team is different and this years team is very special. I think we have a good mix of players who are dedicated to winning!

Hi I was wondering how long u have had ur dreads and how u maintain them so well when u play so much basketball @Mocurrie25
Hey! I started my dreds about 7 years ago when I was at Duke. It was a hard decision but I love them. I get them done in dc @Soccergoalie34

@Mocurrie25 @WashMystics How come they made you get up early for this tweet-fest? Did you lose a bet or something? Good luck tonite! :)
@BasketCase1 haha well since I'm on the west coast it just worked out this way. I was actually up anyway so its not a problem

RT@jones297 @Mocurrie25 Hey Mo! How has yr dad helped n yr career, so far? My Dad is my biggest fan! Has always supported me no matter wat

@Mocurrie25 HeyMo! #1MysticsFan! Lets get a W 2nite! I want 2 c whole team wear black socks & like Lindsey wear black knee pads for away gme
@snuckbball20 hey I think we are going to look great in black! And you know, look good. Feel good, play good!

RT @lytw8t:i always wanted to know ur best dance move and best move in basketball? Haha! You won't catch me dancing in public! Court and1

@Mocurrie25 The Mystics have struggled on the road this year. What do you think needs to happen to change that? @wnba
@natthedem winning on the road is tough in the wnba. We actually started the season with 2 huge wins on the road. If we focus we can win!

@Mocurrie25 You're the coach of your own sports team...what 5 conditions would your players have to meet?
@LaShawnMitch hmm that's tough. Gotta have heart, be committed, have some skills, discipline, and want to win

@Mocurrie25 I want dreads but my dad said no cuz they'd smell from playin sports all da time do u ever have that problem
@Soccergoalie34 ha! They will smell if you don't wash them. But that goes for any hairstyle you have. My mom was agaisnt them at first too

RT @Csj15Cma21:if you could go back in time and re-do any game from HS, college or the Wnba which would it be and why? Natl championship

RT@msmjtl:What do u like most about the fans? DC has the best fan in the league!I love that they support us win or lose.Most of the time lol

RT @babyboy1374:The team looks really focused and tight, like close knit this year. What has contributed to that? Consistency from last yr

@Mocurrie25 If you had all the time in the world, what non-basketball skill would you like to develop or pick-up?
@LaShawnMitch that's a good question. Ummm a skill? Probably learn to play the piano

RT @DishNSwish: @Mocurrie25 so where's Lebron going to end up? Lebron is staying in Clevland! Come on now. Or maybe the Nets!

RT @angi2c: @Mocurrie25 Which coach has had a major influence on your career in basketball? I've had great coaches but my hs coach was huge

@Mocurrie25 If you had all the time in the world, what non-basketball skill would you like to develop or pick-up?
RT @TheYoungest_15: @Mocurrie25 whats' your hype song before you play in a game?There are some good ones out but I like all the way turnt up

@Mocurrie25 Throughout your career what's is the most inspirational thing you've been told? & who told you?
@Csj15Cma21 I've had a lot of inspiration things said to me but when I was younger I was told that when you make a commitment stick to it

We have film in 10 minutes! Gotta get ready for Phoenix! They are tough at home. I enjoyed all of your questions! Check out a wnba game!!!