WNBA Cares Q&A: Swin Cash

To tip off the WNBA’s 17th season, the league, its teams and players will join community members and partners in a series of special events and community activities to celebrate WNBA Cares Week.

What does WNBA Cares mean to you?
It means alot. For me, it's always been about the experience of giving back, using the platform of basketball, which has been so good to me, to give back. Athletes can make a difference and it's an honor for me to be a part of that.

Why do you think it's important to get involved in these efforts?
I live by the credo that if you are given much, you need to give much back. I feel strongly that we have a commitment to help lift up those less fortunate.

Who is your inspiration in this regard?
I had a great role model in my Mom, who was always working hard in her job, but somehow she always gave back. I remember as a young kid my Mom worked with a Summer Program providing lunches to those in need. Right there, I learned about social awareness and the importance of contributing to your community.

Can you remember one Cares event in particular where something special or memorable happened?
I remember one of the best events I was a part of, was in Detroit where my charity Cash for Kids partnered with with the Detroit Shock and WNBA Cares and we were able to visit an alternative school called the Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit.

Catherine Ferguson Academy is for young women with children, who wanted to go back to high school after having a child. We refurbished the computer lab there, I'll never forget it. It was so important for me because my Mom had me when she was in high school and then had the chance to go back to school for her senior year and finish up her education and play on the basketball team. Then to be able to get the chance to help these girls at Catherine Ferguson Academy was such a blessing for me. I went there to try and inspire those young girls, and it ended up, they were the ones who inspired me.