Catching Up with Rebekkah Brunson

Rebekkah Brunson is currently ranked second overall in the Euroleague's scoring race

Minnesota's Rebekkah Brunson is coming off a strong year for the Lynx in which she recorded 11.3 points and a career-best 10.3 rebounds per game, good enough for second overall behind Connecticut's Tina Charles.

Brunson is making her presence known overseas as well as a member of Spain's Ros Casares. In just five games she is averaging 10.4 rebounds per game and is currently second overall in scoring with 19.4 ppg.

Rebekkah recently offered up a few minutes of her time to provide a little offseason catch up with First off, how is the overseas season going?

Rebekkah Brunson: Overseas is going great. I am excited to be in Spain and it isn't disappointing. Valencia is beautiful!! We are also off to a good start in both the Spanish league and European competition. Last year you played in Italy, this year you're in Spain. Culturally, what stands out to you the most when you think of the two?

RB: Both Italy and Spain are lovely countries. They both are rich in tradition and have much to offer. While in Italy I had the chance to visit numerous cities; Milan, Florence, Rome. I haven't gotten the chance to see much of Spain yet, but I'm sure it has its own beauty and history to offer. In the cities I actually play in, in Italy it was Taranto and here in Spain it's Valencia, one noticeable difference to me is that they both are prideful in their individual cultures, but I find that Spain is more receptive to change, i.e Starbucks (laughs). Italians love their coffee, and though it is delicious, sometimes I just want a vanilla soy latte. Little coffee, lot of soy the American way. Sometimes it's the little things. Not long after you headed off overseas the Lynx won the 2011 Draft Lottery. Were you excited to hear the news?

RB: I was definitely excited to hear that the Lynx won that lottery. It gives us a great opportunity to add another big piece to the puzzle. The Lynx have a very good team, but still seem to fall short of expectations. I hope that this year's draft will give us the boost that we need to get over the hump and make a push in 2011. The Lynx have come out with the “Rebekkah Brunson Double-Double Pack,” which includes a meet and greet with you. How does it feel to have a ticket pack named after you and what do you have in store for them for the meet and greet?

RB: It always feels good to be acknowledged for what you do. I am flattered. As for the meet and greet, who knows?! I'm sure that there are plans being made surrounding this package and everything will fall into place when the season begins. I can only hope that its something exciting! It's no secret that injuries played a big part in holding down the Lynx a bit last season, but how dangerous can a healthy Lynx squad be in 2011?

RB: Once we are healthy we can be a very competitive team. Injuries are unfortunate and sadly that is something that is beyond your control. But if we can manage to come back healthy and focused we will definitely be a team to watch. We have all the pieces necessary and though it may take some time to peak, we will get there.