A Twitter Storm

Did you ever wonder what Mystics players do when they are not playing basketball? If you want to find out, all you need to do is sign up for a Twitter account. Almost all of the current Mystics can be found tweeting, and while some are more active than others, chances are you will be able to see what your favorite Mystics are thinking about at any time of the day.

One of the best reasons fans should follow the Mystics players on Twitter is because it allows them to get a sense of the different players personalities that they may not get to see on the court. In addition, often times you will see the players tweet at each other (think of this like a public text message), which can also give fans the chance to understand the chemistry that exists between teammates.

The team now provides the players Twitter handles on the jumbo tron when they are introduced during home games. Look for their handles up on screen the next time you attend a game at Verizon Center!

We caught up with some of the Mystics players and asked them a few questions regarding their Twitter accounts; here are the highlights:

Matee Ajavon

  • Has been on Twitter on and off for 2 years
  • Likes to tweet about trending topics
  • Likes to follow sports quotes, inspirational stuff… and rubbish
  • ”If Im feelin it, I’ll tweet away” - Matee Ajavon

    Crystal Langhorne

  • Has been on Twitter since '08 or '09
  • Likes to tweet about foolishness, stuff that’s silly, food, and things that are going on in her life that people might want to know
  • Thinks teammate Mo Currie is best tweeter on team and the funniest. Honorable mention for Jasmine Thomas
  • Disappointed in teammate Victoria Dunlap for her lack of tweeting

    Marissa Coleman

  • Has been on Twitter since rookie year in WNBA
  • Does not like to tweet often, but will tweet in spurts
  • Likes to tweet about random stuff
  • Also thinks Mo Currie is a funny tweeter, but thinks Matee is right up there with her

    Jasmine Thomas

  • Has been on Twitter for 3 years
  • Will send out as many as 10 tweets a day if needed
  • Does not enjoy people who tweet all day about 'nothing'
  • Thinks Mo Currie is the team's top tweeter, though she feels Alana Beard also provides quality material

    Private Account: Request to follow @jaszthomas in order to see what the Mystics rookie is tweeting about.

    Monique Currie

  • Has been on Twitter for over a year
  • Likes to tweet about any random things that pop into her mind, or if she hears or sees something worth tweeting
  • Universally chosen by her teammates as the teams' top tweeter and funniest tweeter
  • Feels honored to be named team's best tweeter because she puts a lot of thought into the things she says and feels nice to be recognized by teammates

    Washington Mystics

  • Has been on Twitter since '09
  • Like to tweet game coverage, offseason and overseas player updates, and giveaway prizes to fans
  • Once used a record 17 exclamation points in a single tweet
  • Thinks fans are really the best tweeters and loves to retweet them

    Here is a list of all known Mystics Twitter accounts:

  • Matee Ajavon - @majavon_22
  • Nicky Anosike - @nickyanosike
  • Alana Beard - @alanabeard20
  • Marissa Coleman - @MarissaC_25
  • Monique Currie - @Mocurrie25
  • Victoria Dunlap - @vickydeez34
  • Kerri Gardin - @KGeezy32
  • Crystal Langhorne - @crystalanghorne
  • Jasmine Thomas - @jaszthomas
  • DeMya Walker - @DeMyaWalker22

    Washington Mystics Team Account - @WashMystics

    The views expressed by Mystics players on Twitter are solely their own and do not necessarily, nor should they be assumed to, reflect the views of the Washington Mystics and Monumental Sports & Entertainment.