Tayler Hill Notes

The following are notes from a pre-draft media call with WNBA head coaches and draftees in which Mike Thibault and Tayler Hill took part in...

Mike Thibault on Hill:
"She's a very talented player, speed wise, one of the fastest players in this draft. She's a very good deep shooter, shes not afraid, she attacks the basket at will, creates contact at will."

Fever Head Coach Lin Dunn on Hill:
"We knew she'd be long gone by #9 so we didn't spend a lot of time scouting her"

Tayler Hill on being unafraid:
"Having an older brother made me tough... playing D1 you need to bring it everyday... growing up with my family and going against best night in and night out at OSU..."

Hill on Prep for draft:
"Just worked out this week after tonsil surgery, leaving Fri for CT for draft… I'm a little anxious, excited, trying not to overthink it, it's a blessing to play in the WNBA and I'm enjoying the journey to the WNBA."

Hill on improvement since High School:
"In High School and AAU, the ball was in my hands a lot... In college, they put me in positions where I played off ball... Every year I played a different role and it helped me become a complete player... In High School I did not really play defense, because I didn't have to. That changed in college.

Hill on Injury:
"I had tonsil problems all year, played with strep throat since Jan 1... I had to get tonsils drained a few times over season. I missed a couple games, but just had them taken out and feeling good now. "