Red Rocker Leslie NGWSD Blog

Sports have always been an important aspect of my life. While growing up I played basketball and soccer. I played soccer competitively all year round. Basketball was more of a secondary sport that I played mostly for fun. My biggest role model growing up was Mia Hamm because she was such an extraordinary athlete and very talented at soccer. My dad would always take my sisters and me to watch her play. Mia Hamm was someone I always looked up to.

Sports left an amazing impact on my health. I havenít always been the healthiest eater and never had much enthusiasm for exercising, but sports have always been a fun way for me to work out and stay in shape. Sports have also given me leadership experience. During my senior year of high school I was chosen as captain of our varsity soccer team, which taught me how the importance of leadership skills.

I continue to play indoor and outdoor soccer in an adult league and intramural soccer with my sorority. Playing soccer in these leagues allows me to stay in shape and meet new people. I also play pick-up basketball.

I think Title IX legislation is highly beneficial since it prevents discrimination based on sex in educational activities, such as sports. This has given women and girls the same opportunities that men and boys receive, such as playing in college.