(5/25) Postgame Quotes

Trudi Lacey

On the teamís play:
I think our young kids grew up a little bit in the second half and really focused on getting defensive stops and they were able to do that. That led to some easy baskets and us getting back into the game.

On Karima Christmasí performance:
I told Karima that she was my rock star for the day. She played well. She started to feel more comfortable and it was good to see.

What she took away from this game:
Well the main thing in my mind was our tenacity and not giving up, which is what I want us to be about. I felt that although at times it wasnít pretty we played through a lot of things. It is a work in progress, and we have a lot of new faces. It will take us a little time, but if we continue to focus on our defense and our rebounding the rest will come.

On preparing for tomorrow's game:We have already talked about this past game and what we did well and what we need to continue to work on. And we have started talking about what we need to do against Chicago tomorrow.

Nicky Anosike

On her first game in a Mystics' Uniform:
It was definitely a really good feeling to put the Mysticsí uniform on especially because I got to play at home. My family was there as well as my high school team so it was definitely a great experience.

On scoring the first eight Mystics' points:
Well it was an early game. So usually with games like that you come out sluggish, so I kind of made it a point to have a lot of energy and come out with a lot of passion from the beginning. We all came out, played hard, and it may not have been pretty but we got the win.

On the team's second half comeback:
I donít think we hit as many shots as we wanted to in the first half. Coach Trudi just told us that we couldnít let our offense affect our defense and that will make things much easier on offense. So we really got our defense down in the second half. We made sure they werenít getting any easy shots.