Postgame Quotes: Mystics vs. Sparks

Mystics head coach Trudi Lacey:
“We've been fighting all season and we've lost a lot of close games; this was our time so we finally closed out a game.”

What was different in the second half?
“That's why you play two halves. We didn't come out with the defensive focus that we have played with the previous three games. We were making a lot of mental errors defensively which was giving them a lot of open 3's and drives to the basket so you know at halftime we just talked about our one on one defense and not giving up 3's and just simplified our offense and things started to go our way.”

On largest second half come back in WNBA history:
“They have big hearts and have played through injuries, played through disappointment, played through a lot of things and have tremendous character and refused to give up. I'm very proud of them.”

Mystics guard Matee Ajavon
On having to overcome such a big deficit:
“I think the whole time we were confident. Our coaches were confident in us and we had faith as well.”

Second half versus the first half:
“We just wanted to be aggressive...Langhorne and Nicky did a great job down low and our guards were able to get to the middle and just stay aggressive. Even though at the time it wasn't really about the score, we just wanted to take one possession at a time.”

Mystics forward Crystal Langhorne
On fellow Terrapin alumnus Kristi Toliver:
“We know she's a great player. She hit a big three’s in my face today. It's always fun playing against her and really competitive.”

On getting the run going:
“Our defense, when they were scoring we couldn't stop them. Our focus in the second half was to stop them from scoring.”

Sparks head coach Joe Bryant:
Opening statement on game:
"We really couldn't guard them, that is one thing we need to improve on - our individual defense - because that one guard was killing us off the dribble.”

"It was the tale of two halves. The first half we played well, we told them at half time to be careful because the first five, six minutes of the third quarter the team got confidence they are good athletes and they also hit the boards really well. They are big and strong women and played well."

"We were missing layups, missing good layups around the baskets."

On third period struggles:
"Missing shots, the first half we made shots, you make shots you start playing defense if you don't make shots you stop play defense when you should play defense all the time, but they were just beating us off the dribble and we didn't get our rotation like we drew it up on the scouting report."

Sparks guard Kristi Toliver:
"The other team came back aggressive and it was extremely disappointing and we need to do better. We need to regroup and play hard tomorrow."

Sparks forward Tina Thompson:
"We were relaxed and got comfortable and they came out aggressive. It is very disappointing."