Player Survey: Part Three

What WNBA or women's basketball legend would you want on your team and why?

Lisa Leslie because she’s accomplished every goal on a professional basketball level. -Monique Currie
Coach Mulky from Baylor University because I heard she was a small annoying player who was feisty and talked trash, yea she thought she was bad, so I would love to have her on my team so she could annoy the other opponents. -Bernice Mosby
Cynthia Cooper. She has done it all. She was a true trail blazer for the league! -Alana Beard
I would want Cynthia Cooper on my team. I heard many great things about her as a teammate and I had the chance to meet her while playing in Houston my rookie yr. She had great wisdom of the game and always encouraged me. -Matee Ajavon
Cynthia Cooper because she’s real cool and good. -Crystal Langhorne
Cheryl Miller....She has a lot to teach and I would love to learn from her. -Lindsey Harding
Teresa Edwards because she was the greatest player I ever played with and the smartest. Cynthia Cooper because she hushed all the naysayers. Dawn Staley as my point guard. I love you Dawn and I would play power forward alongside Katrina McClain the best strongest post player ever .-Chasity Melvin
I am not sure. -Marissa Coleman
C. COOPER because she was so tenacious and she accomplished all her goals later in life. -Nakia Sanford
Tamika Catchings... she's an animal! -Kristen Mann
Ann Meyers. She’s a UCLA alumni just like me. From what I have heard she was a fierce competitor. Who wouldn't want to play with her? -Nikki Blue

What player(s) in other sports do you admire and why?

Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods because they both changed their respective sports. -Monique Currie
Kobe because of how he can take over a game and Michael Phelps of how he dominates his competition. -Bernice Mosby
Kobe Bryant because he continues to improve every year. -Alana Beard
I admire Allen Iverson....I love his toughness. -Matee Ajavon
Dominique Dawes...Loved her in the Olympics, Jackie Joyner Kersey, Track was my first love in sports. Billie Jean King; she proved that women can be as good as or sometimes even better then men in sports. -Lindsey Harding
Magic Johnson because he was the greatest and showed so much passion when he played. Venus and Serena because they just dominate tennis. Allen Iverson because he's so small but plays so big. Lebron James: need I say more. -Chasity Melvin
Rodger Federer; he dominates his sport. Michael Phelps; the passion he has for swimming and his record breaking Olympics. -Marissa Coleman
Lisa Leslie, just because she had an amazing career. She is one of the few posts that have a lot of recognition. -Nakia Sanford
Michael Phelps, Roger Federer, and LeBron James... they're all ridiculously talented and fun to watch. -Kristen Mann
I admire NFL football players. They work extremely hard and put their bodies through so much torment! -Nikki Blue

What is the best piece of advice that you received from your mother?

Never put your drink down at a party. -Monique Currie
Put God 1st in everything you do. -Bernice Mosby
To keep my dress down. -Alana Beard
The best piece of advice I received from my mother was never expect anything to be handed to you. Always work for what you want no matter how long it takes. -Matee Ajavon
If you ever feel lost, sad, or scared always pray and God will help you through anything. -Lindsey Harding
To always pray and Keep God first. To always listen to that inner voice when caught in a bind. -Chasity Melvin
Always believe in myself. -Marissa Coleman
This too shall pass. So don’t put so much on what’s happening right now. -Nakia Sanford
Never Stop Believing In Yourself! -Kristen Mann
"Trust in the Lord with all your Heart." -Nikki Blue

In what ways are you most like your mother?

We are both shy and like having a clean house. -Monique Currie
I care and treat everyone the same no matter what they did to me, how they look or where they come from. -Bernice Mosby
Competitive fire. -Alana Beard
I am like my mother in several ways. She has patience, maybe that’s why my grandmother named her that; her real name is Patience Wilson. My mom works through tough situations and I have learned how to do that overtime. I wont say I am there ye,t but in due time I will be as strong as her. -Matee Ajavon
I am funny. -Crystal Langhorne
Both friendly and can get along with most. -Lindsey Harding
We have very bad non verbals. -Chasity Melvin
I have my mom's personality. I love to laugh like her, am very sarcastic at times, and am silly like her. -Marissa Coleman
OMG. Too many to list. But we both have spirits that allow us to adapt to any situation and make friends instantly. -Nakia Sanford
Oh man... I'm a sap when it comes to movies and TV shows... we both cry like babies haha. -Kristen Mann
We look so much alike people think we are sisters! I have her cool, calm and collected nature. I also have her big heart and her strong faith in God. -Nikki Blue

In what ways are you most like your father?

We are both sarcastic and talk just to be talking. -Monique Currie
Tall like my father and everyone says I look like him, that’s probably why they made the mistake and named me Tyrone. -Bernice Mosby
We are both workaholics. -Alana Beard
I am good with saving money and looking for sales. -Crystal Langhorne
Always striving to achieve more and never being satisfied. -Lindsey Harding
I'm always smiling and I will talk to almost anyone. -Chasity Melvin
I get my stubbornness from him, and my determination. -Marissa Coleman
I think like my dad, a million things at a time. We are both very social, but can have introverted moments that surprise people. -Nakia Sanford

How much has your father contributed to your development on the court?

My father has always been my number 1 supporter for my entire career. -Monique Currie
Well I never got to know my father that well; he died when I was 18 months old. -Bernice Mosby
He taught me early that hard work gets you to the place you strive to be. -Alana Beard
He’s not into that. -Crystal Langhorne
Both parents were very supportive in all my sports. -Lindsey Harding
His prayers, positive reinforcement and unconditional love and support. Number one fan well maybe it's a tie with him and my mom. -Chasity Melvin
He started me off playing when I was little and helped me develop my game and expand it through the years. -Marissa Coleman
Well, I did not start playing until late in my teens, he was already living in California. However, whenever we did match up at anything from video games, running from point a to point b...or shooting baskets, HE ALWAYS WON. -Nakia Sanford