Notes & Quotes: Mystics 71 - Brazil 56

  • A pair of rookies led the Mystics. Tayler Hill made her WNBA debut with a team-high 12 points and two steals while teammate Emma Meesseman led the bench with 12 points.
  • Monique Currie added 11 points, seven rebounds, and six assists.
  • The Mystics trailed Brazil 38-37 going into halftime, but went on a 10-0 run to open up the second half.
  • The game featured only three lead changes and one tie.
  • Brazil finished 44 percent on 4-of-9 shooting from the behind the arc.


    Overall thoughts on the game:
    "We had kind of a shaky start. I think we had a lot of nerves particularly with some of our newer players, but for everybody, you know, they’re playing in a new system. We weren’t very good at either end of the court for about 13-14 minutes, but then we kind of settled down. Nadirah [McKenith] didn’t find out she was going to start until about 15 minutes before game time, so putting a rookie point guard out there to start it is interesting. I thought it was good for us to play against a team that ran a lot of different sets. Obviously Brazil kind of got their legs now; they’ve been here a couple days. It was a good start. We rebounded the ball well. We cut down our turnovers in the second half. We had assists on about two thirds of our baskets. Overall I thought that particularly our young players played really well.”

    First impressions on Tayler Hill:
    “The interesting part is that she probably hasn’t made a shot in about three days and today she stepped back up and made shots. What she has done through the frustration of not making shots in scrimmages is she has played really good defense and she’s passed the ball and you saw that today. Today she relaxed and knocked down some shots. I think it helps a lot when one of your first ones goes in, but I thought she did a good job and showed good poise today.”

    First impressions on Emma Meesseman:em>
    “She’s going to be pretty special I think. She is very talented. She is not flustered too much. We’re trying to even get her to be a little bit more aggressive. I thought she passed up a couple shots early in the first half trying to be unselfish and pass the ball and she’s such a great shooter I don’t think she should pass up too many open ones, so I’m hoping that what I’ve seen so far is the reality. I think she is a very special young player.”


    Overall thoughts on the game:
    "I was nervous at first, but I got the jitters out. As the game went on it got better, we picked up our energy as time went on. As the game went on we played better as a team so we just started to pick it up in the second quarter.”


    Overall thoughts on the game:
    "It was not that bad. We picked ourselves up in the second half and we played better defense. I think with more practice we will be better, but it was not that bad for the first game. When we make our shots, get back on defense, we’re going to be a lot better and that’s what we are going to work on.”

    Mystics at a glance:
    Points – Tayler Hill, Emma Meesseman– 12
    Rebounds – Monique Currie - 7
    Assists – Curre - 6
    Steals – Shey Peddy - 3