Mystics Tournament Memories

Aiysha Smith
"My favorite tournament memory was in 2002. Only seven players were able to play because the rest of the players on our team were injured and no one expected us to do well. Because we continued to play as a team despite having seven players available and, making it in the second round was special to me."

Louisiana State lost to Santa Clara 69-58 in the second round. Smith was later named the 2002 Newcomer of the Year by the Louisiana Sports Writer’s Association.

Chamique Holdsclaw
In 1998, when we defeated North Carolina to make it in the final four is probably one of my favorite moments. We were down by 12 at the end of the first half but we came back. It is one of my favorites because at the time we always dominated and it felt great to comeback because it showed that we could persevere.

Tennessee went on to win their third straight NCAA Championship by defeating Louisiana Tech 93-75. Holdsclaw scored 25 points and pulled down 10 rebounds and was named the 1998 NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player.