Langhorne to Head Back Overseas We just got word that you are headed back overseas to Slovakia, can you tell us more about that?
Crystal Langhorne: I just found this weekend, so I will be heading to Slovakia for about three weeks. After that I will be back. I will be playing in Kosice with Candice Dupree so I'm looking forward to that. Can you talk about the process. Obviously you just got back a few weeks ago and now you are heading back overseas again?
CL: It just so happens that I got the call this weekend and it was one of those situations that I couldn't pass up. it is for a short period time so I will be able to come back and rest my body a little bit before the season. When did you get the news that you would be heading over to Slovakia?
CL: I just got the news officially yesterday and will be leaving today. So it has been a pretty quick turnaround and pretty hectic. How rare is this situation to just go over for a few weeks?
CL: It is actually very rare. Most players head over for a few months so to go over for a few weeks is not usual at all. What was Kosice's reasons for having you head over for such a short time?
CL: I'm actually just going over for the EuroLeague playoffs. So I will help them out for that. My stay there will depend on how far we go in the playoffs. I can be there between three weeks and five weeks. Do you have any previous experience of playing or living there?
CL: I've been there before so I have seen it. It is cold and there isn't too much to do but I think I will be ok. Have you had the chance to talk with Dupree at all since your decision to go over there?
CL: Yeah, I've talked to her so I'll be seeing her out there and she'll be taking care of me the next few days.