Crystal Langhorne Discusses Russia A few weeks ago you got back from playing overseas in Russia, what was that experience like?
Crystal Langhorne: It was really good. Basketball was great. I was playing with Cappie Pondexter and Svetlana. So youíre playing with people like that, playing on a great team, and we only lost one game so basketball went really well. How did you do in adjusting to Russian weather and food?
CL: It was really cold but we werenít outside too much. We had drivers that would pick us up. But it was really cold, I had to wear a scarf around my mouth because if I breathed in the air I would start coughing because my lungs werenít used to it. The weather was different. There wasnít really much to do, we just went out to eat. I really liked the Russian food, like beef stroganoff, which is one of their main dishes. They also had borscht soup and a lot of good salads. What was the hardest part about playing in Russia?
CL: One of the hardest parts was the time change of ten hours. Iím used to being away from family and friends but the time change made it so difficult to even talk to them. Did it help to have Marianne Stanley there as your coach?
CL: It was great seeing a familiar face as a coach; it made me really comfortable playing there. I really like Marianne so it was great having her there. How was your workout with Trudi Lacey?
CL: It was pretty tough since I was by myself. She wants me to be able to handle the ball a little bit more and work on full court moves. She also wants me to be more versatile as a post player so thatís what Iím going to be working on. Have you talked or seen any of your teammates since you've been back?
CL: I havenít seen anybody actually. Iíve seen Marissa but she left for overseas. Iíve talked to Alana and I'm sure I will see her soon.