Girls and Women in Sports Day Blog

What do sports mean to me? Wow, I can think back to the 4th grade and playing in my first basketball game and the feelings of confidence and accomplishment I felt at exhibiting my skills. Not to mention instant respect by my peers and acceptance. I felt a part of something bigger than myself; I was a part of a united group, a team working on a common goal. People coming together, bonding and working together-that is what sports meant to me!

That is what sports still mean to me today; the coming together for a common goal, friendship, laughter and working hard at something you love. Sports is an important part of my life, besides my family (I include my dog Scout), my friends, my faith , very little means as much to me. Sports have been an integral component in my life and relationships.

Sports have given me the opportunity to earn two degrees, allowed me to travel all over the world and to have friends that I would have never met. It has shaped my thinking, taught me some valuable life lessons and created opportunities for me to achieve my dreams.

The 25th anniversary of National Girls and Women in Sports Day is significant to me because it has provided me and many others opportunities that we only dreamed about. The day represents all the people whose shoulders I and many others stand; a tremendous sacrifice was made to give women & girls the chance to participate in sports. I take a personal pledge to do my part so that other women and girls have even a greater experience than I have had.

The biggest reward of sport to me is the relationships I have built with my teammates, coworkers, mentors, and all the players I have coached; I value them all. Those relationships have caused to me look at myself and see my weaknesses but more importantly it has been a source of encouragement and empowerment.

One of my most meaningful relationships that I had through sports was with my collegiate coach, Hall of Famer, Kay Yow of NC State. Her life lessons and her legacy of faith and hope have inspired me to not only seek the Highest Vision for my life but to be a kinder, gentler version of myself even while competing. I want to encourage you to seek a purposeful vision for your life and always strive to be your best you!