Kia Vaughn Abroad

Kia Vaughn took some time out of her busy schedule playing in the Czech Republic to talk with about her time abroad. What do you like the most about playing abroad?

Kia Vaughn: I enjoy learning new cultures and meeting new people. What I love most outside of basketball is food tasting. I get to travel and see what other countries specialize in and are known for. What do you miss most from the US?

Kia Vaughn: I miss my family and just the over all comfort of being home. There is absolutely no place like home! What is your favorite country that you have visited?

Kia Vaughn: I am in love with Prague, Czech Republic. I sight see often and I've never done that playing any where else. The food is really good and the people are sweet and respectful. Not many countries are pleasant when having an outsider invading their territory but my favorite has to be Israel. Loved the food.. And since playing abroad I've become a beach babe hahhahaha, the beaches there are a piece of heaven! What is the coolest sight you have seen?

Kia Vaughn: The coolest sight has to be Jerusalem in Israel. The feeling you get walking through is spirit lifting. Feeling like you've walked the path Jesus walked doesn't need many words. The feeling you get is out of this world!! What is your favorite food you have found abroad?

Kia Vaughn: I love food (fat girl at heart) but I love the lasagna at one of my favorite Italian restaurants here in Prague. What is it like playing against your Mystics teammates in foreign countries?

Kia Vaughn: I haven't played of my mystics teammates yet :( What advice would you give a player who has never played abroad?

Kia Vaughn: You have to be open minded and mentally tough. Being away from home for a long period of time is extremely difficult. Some countries are better than others so that helps often. And be more social. If your not a big people person, BECOME ONE!!!! Helps the time pass by. How do you adjust to playing on a team where all the players donít necessarily speak the same language?

Kia Vaughn: Depending on the country, your coach may not speak English also and a translator is present during practice and games. In regards to teammates I haven't really come across any who didn't speak at least a little of English.