Jasmine Thomas Essay

One day in September 2010, I received a phone call from my parents telling me that my mother, Sharon Thomas, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She's great about getting her regularly scheduled physicals and mammograms which allowed the doctors to catch the cancer early but the frightening concern that comes with the diagnoses of such an aggressive illness didn't subside. She immediately had an operation to remove the cancer followed by four months of radiation treatment. Everything that was truly important about our lives as individuals and as a family came into perspective, we all wanted and needed to be there for my mother to support her and encourage her. Anyone that knows my mom can confirm that she is one of the sweetest and funniest women in the world and it made us all so proud to see that she didn't let her situation take that from her. I remember taking her to the hospital for a few of her treatments while I was home from school and she had made friends with all of her doctors, nurses, and some of the patients.

We will never forget the way that experience made us feel, how it brought us together as a family to appreciate life and love. My father, brother and myself love my mom SO much and we are thankful and happy to say that she is a breast cancer survivor.

- Jasmine Thomas