Jasmine Thomas Blog: Entry 4

It’s been a while.. no worries, I’m still happy :)

Hey everyone! :)

I apologize for how long it has taken me to post another entry, but I always try to wait for a sequence of events to occur. Things are still going well here for me. I’m actually becoming so comfortable that I know my way around and my apartment is finally “home.” I cannot believe that I have already been over here for a month, time is flying!!

Anyway, basketball is still going well as far as working on my game and enjoying my team. We are struggling in the Euroleague (currently 0-3), but we just had a game tonight against Taranto where we made TREMENDOUS improvement. It was a great/close game and I think we ended up losing by around 6. We are doing well in the Czech League and continue to use those games to fine-tune things and prepare for Euroleague games. In my previous posts, I gave you all websites where you can check stats and watch games… make sure you keep up with me! :)

As far as off the court, I have still been doing a lot of cooking and have realized that I LOVE doing it! :) I’ve also been watching a bunch of movies and staying up-to-date with the American TV shows. I just recently purchased the first 3 movies of the Twilight Saga on my iPad so that I can watch them before going to see “Breaking Dawn” on November 18th!!! I have been a fan since I read all four books in just 2 weeks in college… don’t judge me! :) We only have a short shooting practice tomorrow morning so I think I’m going to try and get the teamies to go bowling!! So, I will be back soon with some pictures and videos of that experience (I feel as though I’m terrible at bowling.. but somehow I usually do pretty well lol).

As always, I will post some of my latest pictures from our trip to Montpellier, France and just hanging out in Brno. Enjoy and I will be posting again soon! :)

Jas :)

I found out they do celebrate Halloween here but I believe it’s on November 4th (not sure why).. but Ashley is going to try and host a party & it will be fun! I never miss a holiday :)