Jasmine Thomas Blog: Entry 3

Update from Brno! :)

Hey lovely people! :)

As usual, a lot has been going on since my last post. We had another Czech League game against Slovanka that we won by 8 and we played our first EuroLeague game against Spartak last night. WNBAís Becky Hammon (San Antonio Silver Stars) and Candice Dupree (Phoenix Mercury) are both on the Spartak team. It was a game that we werenít expected to win but we played trying to win it anyway. We hung in the game as long as we could but ended up losing by 17. Iím proud of so many things our team was able to do in the game but we have a lot to work on and are continuing to get better. Our next game is a Czech League game this Saturday at home.

Here are links where you can read the recap of the games, play-by-play and box scores: Czech League vs. Slovanka EuroLeague vs. Spartak

Aside from basketball, I have been doing some serious exploring around Brno without a map, GPS, or destination in mind just to learn my way aroundÖ and it has definitely helped me out! Today I found my way to the BIGGEST mall Iíve ever seen or been to in my life! It was so huge that after the two-and-a-half hours I spent there, I had only walked a quarter of it. UNBELIEVEABLE! In some ways Iím glad I didnít see the whole thing, it gives me an excuse to keep going back haha! :)

Aside from giving in to my shopping addiction, I have been doing a good amount of cooking and watching TV online. Are any of you Pretty Little Liar fans? Itís a TV series that comes on ABCfamily and Iím extremely creeped out by it yet cannot stop watching! I am way behind, but Iíve almost completed the first season.

Well, Iím about to go throw my clean, wet laundry in Ashleyís dryer at her apartment then come home and watch Pretty Little Liars for the rest of the night! Hope to hear from any of you soon through Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc. give me some feedback about my blog!

Talk to you soon!