Jasmine Thomas Blog: Entry 2

Hey wonderful people, what’s goin’ on?! :) Glad you came back to check up on me, some fun things have happened since my last entry.

Since I’ve had my car for a couple days I have slowly figured out a few routes around the city. I know how to get to the gym and back, of course, but I also found my way to a Billa grocery story and back to my apartment. I secretly LOVE to grocery shop and the people here are so helpful! I have now stocked up on some good stuff like Powerade, cereal, eggs, pancakes, fruit, and chocolate milk! :) I also got some foods that I can cook myself since I plan on becoming a far better chef while I’m over here. Although, it is very tempting to eat out a lot because there is great food in this city… I went to an Italian restaurant yesterday and had a delicious pasta meal!

If you remembered from my previous entry, I had some exciting news about an American player joining me here in Brno. Well, Ashley Robinson has arrived! :) She is a member of the WNBA’s Seattle Storm and I met her this past season through my great friend Krystal Thomas. I was so happy to hear that she was coming to my team! She has been living with me for a couple of days but will move into her own apartment tomorrow. I have been trying to get her to love Twitter as much as I do, so go follow her (@missarob43) and force her to tweet more! :)

Well, I played in my first game last night. I played a great first half but a not as great second half; we ended up losing by 3 points (the box scores and a write-up are on the website, just copy/paste into Google Translator). We all played really hard but did not rebound well and we did not play good defense. I feel that I will definitely get better individually here while also being very helpful to the team. Ashley will play in her first game with us on Sunday in Prague. I have not figured out how you all can watch the games online but when I do I will be sure to post the game times (in Eastern Standard Time) along with the link.

On the bright side, after the game, I was able to spend some time with the team and some of their friends downtown. I believe they call it “The Centre.” I had a great time and Ashley and I got a chance to get to know everyone. I also found some great shopping places and anyone that knows me can only imagine how happy I was when I ran into an H&M and a Zara!! :) :) :) The Centre is not far from my apartment so I hope that I will have a few days to explore and go shopping!

I have had some trouble falling asleep at night due to me trying to keep up with my friends and family in America. I am definitely very tired and tonight looks like a good night to go to bed early! So, thanks for stopping by and I will be posting again soon… Have a good morning/afternoon and I will have a good night! :)



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