Jasmine Thomas Blog : Entry 1

Brno, Czech Republic! :)

Hey everyone!

I’ve decided to become a blogger so that I could share my first overseas experience with all of you! :) I hope you keep up with me and enjoyyyy…

I just completed two full days here after arriving yesterday morning. For the most part, everything has been great so far! There were only a few mishaps: 1) I cannot get my Wii to work, 2) or my Blackberry Messenger and 3) last night I tried plugging in a US power strip through a European outlet adapter and blew the electricity out in my building at 10pm! After having a panic attack and calling 911 because my landlords weren’t home and my electronic key got stuck in the building entrance, I ended up perfectly fine… so no worries! Haha :) I even learned how to fix the situation if it were to happen again. Other than those issues, I have been adjusting well.

I went to Tessco (not sure if I spelled that right) yesterday to buy groceries and a SIM card— that place sells everything! I was happy to see that there were plenty of foods/products that I am familiar with so I don’t have to worry about returning to America any skinner than I already am woohoo! I am all settled into my apartment and I think it is really nice. *I posted some pictures with this entry so let me know what you think! :)*

I have been spending ridiculous amounts of time on Skype and the Internet.. I even changed my computer settings to “Never sleep when connected to power source” so that my Skype doesn’t sign out!! I have a Skype number now too I can call US cells/landlines for free and vice versa, it’s pretty cool! Clearly, I haven’t started exploring yet and don’t really know my way around, but I will have adventures once I get my car tomorrow… I better get used to the slim streets and fast driving a.s.a.p.!! Anyway, on to the reason why I am here in the first place, my basketball team…

The name of my team is Frisco Brno. We compete in both the Czech League and the Euroleague. They already played 3 Czech games without me and we have another on Wednesday (the Euroleague starts next Wednesday). I had my first practice today and met all the players for the first time as well and they are as sweet as can be! :) I am one of the oldest on this team but I am not the only non-Czech player, there are 2 Swedish players here. There is also another American on the way, but I don’t want to reveal her name until she arrives on Wednesday!! :) All of my teammates are able to understand and speak English which is great. My head coach doesn’t speak English at all but the assistants do, so the transition won’t be too bad. I’m excited for my first game! I tried on my uniforms today and, although they’re smaller than the American uniforms, they are cute!

Hmmm what else…? Oh! WE HAVE TO TAPE OUR OWN ANKLES HERE! I taped my own for the first time and I think I did a good job! Special shout out to my trainers Summer (Duke) & Navin (Mystics) who I watched so closely! :) I was invited to my first team outing this evening, we went to watch the other women’s team in Brno… They lost and I’m not sure where the team they played was from. I had a good time though and the Swedish players and myself are planning a trip to IKEA sometime soon (it’s a Swedish company if you didn’t know), we love that place! :)

I’m still pretty exhausted from traveling so I should probably get off of my computer and get some sleep. We have a two-a-day tomorrow and the first practice is at 10:00am (it’s 6 hours later than EST, so it’s almost 11 at night here). Thanks for stopping by to see how I’m living! Be looking out for my next entry soon, goodnight! :)