Jasmine Thomas Blog: Entry 5

Our first Euroleague win! :)

Hey Everyone! :)

A lot of fun stuff has happened since my last post but nothing more excited than getting our first Euroleague win vs. Wisla CP Krakov 70-65! I believe we are now 1-3 in the Euroleague, and as we continue to get better we expect to grab more wins! :)

Our coaches gave us last weekend entirely off, so I spent the weekend in Prague with Ashley. I had never been to Prague before so I was extremely excited! While we were there, we hung out with the USK Prague team (that beat a Czech League team 130-29!! lol yikes) and went sight seeing around the city. It was definitely one of the most beautiful places Iíd ever seen! It would be far too much to type out all the fun I had, so of course I will post some pictures from the trip. But it was really nice hanging out with Anna Montanana and DeLisha Milton-Jones. The Vets make sure to remind me of how young I am, I hope to be more mature by the time I return to the States! :)

Our next Czech League game is at home this Saturday and our next Euroleague game is in Madrid on Wednesday. One of my friends, Josh Rosenblat (heís one of the Practice Guys for the womenís team at Duke), is actually studying abroad in Madrid this semester and Iím definitely looking forward to meeting up with him! Iíve never been to Madrid, so this is another trip I plan to take full advantage of! :)

Well, thatís all I have for now ladies & gentsÖ Make sure you continue to keep up with the games and donít forget to check out the photos from Prague! Talk to you soon :)