Hello from Paris! ;)


Im checking in from the Paris Airport in France! Were on our way to Montpellier for our second Eurocup game tomorrow. Its been a while since I last posted something so I wanted to give yall a quick update.

From a team standpoint, we are 0-2 in the Russian League and 1-0 in the Eurocup. We are officially into the swing of things for the season, playing 2 games per week and whenever we have an away game the travel takes about 4 days. So, Ive been very busy and very tired, but still enjoying every minute. I love my teammates and my coaches, were still in the process of gelling together as a team but I feel good about us getting better.

Now just about life Ive been a little worried about Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast since all my family and friends live there, but everyone has kept me informed that they are okay. I have been following it on the news though and it did some serious damage in certain areas. My prayers go out to all those who have been effected.

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