Catching Up With Coach Gillom: Part II caught up with Mystics and Team USA assistant coach Jennifer Gillom for a quick interview while she is in London trying to help lead Team USA to a gold medal. How much has the team improved since its first practice in London?

Jennifer Gillom: I think the team has improved a lot since our arrival in London. For example, we scrimmaged the Turkish National team before arriving in London and did not play very well. We then beat them by 31 points here in London. How are the players adjusting to different roles than they’re accustomed?

JG: I think the players have adjusted comfortably to their roles on this team. We are sharing the ball and not relying on one or two players to get the job done. It is definitely a team effort. How close is the team to playing to their potential?

JG: Although the team is playing better, I still don't think we have reach our full potential yet. I think by the time we get to the medal round this team could be at a higher level. What country, or countries, poses the greatest threat to anther gold medal?

JG: The closer we get to the medal round we look at any team being a potential threat. The Chinese and Russians are playing well. The Australians always play well against USA. How is international competition different than the WNBA?

JG: The international competition is definitely more physical. There is a lot more contact when trying to score or getting through a screen. There are a lot more ice bags being used after every game! (LOL) Has the team done any sightseeing in London?

JG: We got a chance to take some time off and do some sightseeing. Some players went to see the changing of the guards, London Bridge and the Tower. We heard you had a chance to meet the First Lady, Michelle Obama. What was that like?

JG: It was amazing! She was so personable. I was so impressed by her. To think someone of her stature could be so sweet and down to earth. There was such a genuineness about her. Such a great representation for our country!

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